This is an old blog that I started in 2006. I keep it because it has a lot of historical data and people still come here. As of September 2016, no new updates will be made here. All new blog posts and writing/publishing related news will be posted over on my new site at

Inspirational Devotions

God's Mysteries

Marriage, Dating & Other Relationships
Don't Miss the Warning Signs

Friendships Are Blessed Through Private Discretion
Husbands Love Your Wives
Restore Friends in a Spirit of Gentleness

The Peace that Surpasses Understanding

Offer the Sacrifice of Praise

No Prayer is Ever Forgotten

Don't Apply for Citizenship in this World
The Name of Jesus Has POWER

Christ Died for the Ungodly
You Are Washed, Sanctified & Justified
YOU Have Eternal Value

Spiritual Gifts
Encourage Someone Today
The Gift of Pleasing Others

Spiritual Journey
Allow God to Be the Director
A Woman of God
God's Path of the Shining Sun
How to Wash Ourselves Clean God's Way
Live Your Life as an Offering
The Path of Justice Will Preserve Us

Give What You Have
Honor the Lord with Your Increase, Not Lack
The Challenge of Saving


God's Word Is Our Safety Net
Trust in the Lord

Be Smarter Than an Ant
How to Obtain Godly Discretion
Knowledge of Good & Evil Is Knowing the Difference Between Right & Wrong 
Pray for Wisdom and Understanding
Pray for Wisdom When Making Decisions
You Need Courage to Seek Answers to Life 

Writing Devotions