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Wednesday, October 07, 2015

The American Dream (romance collection) - Now Available!

9 inspirational historical novellas 
In the turbulent yet thrilling days of forming a new country, these Americans build their lives upon a foundation of faith and love. From Colonial days in Connecticut to a Quaker settlement in North Carolina to settlers of the great frontier, readers will experience nine adventures embarked by those who dare to dream of a better life for themselves and the ones they have found to love. 

1753 - Carving a Future by Carl Olson Gade
1754 - Trading Hearts by Amber Stockton
1758 - Over a Barrel by Laurie Alice Eakes
1762 - Impressed by Love by Lisa Karon Richardson
1763 - When the Shadow Falls by DiAnn Mills
1808 - New Garden's Hope by Jennifer Hudson Taylor
1840 - New Garden's Crossroads by Ann E. Schrock
1859 - Free Indeed by Kristy Dykes
1859 - A Mother's Cry by Jane Kirkpatrick

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