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Highland Blessings, (Book 1 - Highland series)

1473 Scotland - The story of a highland warrior who kidnaps the daughter of his greatest enemy and clan chief to honor a promise to his dying father.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Word of Inspiration: Grace Is Given to the Humble

"Surely He scorns the scornful, but gives grace to the humble." (Proverbs 3:45)

Those who scorn people will be scorned themselves by others. It may not be right away, but there will come a time in every scorner's life when their own actions will come back on them. The only way to prevent this is to repent and change one's ways--to be more humble. The ways of the world believe that humbleness is weak, but in reality it takes more strength to be humble. It's harder to hold oneself in reserve when being scorned. It would be much easier to lash out and defend oneself. God is our defender and vengeance is His. Therefore, if we truly work on having a humble heart in a world that scorns humbleness, God will give us the grace we need to not only endure, but to overcome and be victorious.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Word of Inspiration: Build a Godly Home and be Blessed

"The curse of the Lord is on the house of the wicked, but He blesses the home of the just." (Proverbs 3:33) 

It isn't good enough to try and be on our best behavior when we're out in public and in front of others. We need to be just as conscious about our conduct toward loved ones in the privacy of our home as anywhere else. Even if you've had a hard day at work and don't want to be bothered when you get home and are looking forward to a relaxing evening, be respectful of your spouse and children. Snapping at them and treating them any different than you would in front of a co-worker or an audience is taking advantage of them. Be a just and Godly person inside the home, so you and your family will be blessed.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Word of Inspiration: Christ Died for the Ungodly

"For when we were still without strength, in due time Christ died for the ungodly. For scarcely for a righteous man will one die; yet perhaps for a good man someone would even dare to die. But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” (Romans 5:6-8)

So many of us don't even want to do favors for people who won't help themselves and who seem to keep throwing themselves into the same path of destruction. While it's true that we must be careful of the fine line between helping someone and enabling them to stay the same, what about mankind as a whole? God knew that we could not save ourselves and that being born into sin, we would continue throwing ourselves into the same path of destruction. This verse demonstrates the POWER of God's love for us. How many of us would sacrifice our lives for someone who seemed to be wasting theirs? Christ died for the ungodly--all of us.

Friday, April 06, 2012

Our Visit to the Holy Land Experience

By Jennifer Hudson Taylor

While I would have much preferred Israel itself, this was actually a day trip to an attraction in Orlando, FL. I figured it might be the next best thing for those of us who can't make it across the Atlantic to the REAL Israel. I only wish I had known about it sooner.

We came to Orlando on vacation to visit Disney World and Sea World. On the last two days of our trip, my husband was surfing the Internet on his ipad and discovered the Holy Land Experience theme park. I'm glad we decided to check it out, because I would have left Florida wondering about it. Since we had never heard about it, and it doesn't seem to be widely publicized, I thought I would blog about my experience and share some photos.

This isn't like a regular theme park where you might expect to find thriller rides or virtual motion simulators. It's set up as an opportunity to walk through the Bible by experiencing stationary displays, watching shows or theater re-enactments of biblical scenes.  Christian music plays throughout the park. The pricing is very reasonable for what they provide. The whole theme park is decorated in vibrant colors with flowers, statues,  and furniture to make it look like ancient Israel or Rome.

There are shops where you can buy gifts, souvenirs, and Christian themed items for your church or home. For lunch, there is a deli where you can pick up sandwiches or snacks, and a coffee shop where you can take a break and visit with friends and family. One shop had a beautiful miniature display of the entire city of Jerusalem. It's very similar to some of the Christmas villages we see in December, with the exception of its vastness.

We liked the prayer garden where people write prayer requests on blue pieces of paper or praise reports on pink paper and attach them to a wooden cross. If they feel led, others can swing by and pray for some of these prayer requests. It's all voluntary. 

What I liked the best is the Scriptorium. This is a 55-minute walk through of how the Bible came to be and survived through time. It's automated by narration and they light up various displays of scenes, as well as historical scripts and texts that are encased in glass for protection. It's really a museum. They had actual pieces from the 1st century AD, ranging from the 11th century to the 19th century. Some were written in Aramaic, Greek, Latin, and Old English. It told about the sacrifices people made to create these Bibles and one actually still had blood stains on it. 

When I went through the Scriptorium, the Holy Spirit touched me and I wanted to weep for these people. It's awe-inspiring and it gave me chills to know I was looking at something that someone had labored so hard to produce, and in some cases, sacrificed their lives to protect. In my opinion, this was the most authentic piece in the entire park. Photos weren't allowed, or I would have been snapping pictures of everything in there. 

I enjoyed the last supper where we were actually able to take communion. While I didn't see it, the play of Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection from the tomb looks to be awesome from the online videos. Since we were so short on time, we chose to skip this as we had just seen the Passion of the Christ shortly before our trip.

For children there is Smile of A Child Adventure Land with a rock climbing wall, a few toys and settings with Noah's Ark, Jonah's Whale, the parting of the Red Sea. I realize these are displays for children, but I thought they could have been more authentic and interactive with the advancements of today's technology.  

I think the concept of this park is a great idea and has a good start, but I couldn't help feeling that it would be nice for someone to come in and take it to the next level. The theme park targets Christians and it's nice for us to have our own special place. However, as a deep thinker and one with a broad, creative mind, I could literally visualize a section that might appeal to youth groups. I'm thinking of visiting kids who don't know about the Bible, or people who come for the "experience" of a different theme park and might get saved. 

In my mind, I saw log rides going through the ocean and slamming into the whale as if we were with Jonah. I could see another log ride taking us through the parting of the Great Sea. I could feel a motion simulator that would make us feel what it would be like to be in Noah's Ark with all the animals and coming out after it was all over on top of a mountain. I could imagine a roller coaster that could take us on a thrilling ride through the streets of Jerusalem as we make our getaway from the Roman soldiers. 

While the theme park is meant for the whole family, I feel like the small children have their place in the Smile of A Child Adventure Land, and the adults have things such as the Scriptorium, the Last Supper Communion, and the re-enactments, but there seemed to be something lacking for today's tweens and teens who are so used to being "wowed" by the newest technology competing for their attention. 

It's still an adventure I would recommend for you family. Learn more at The Holy Land Experience.

Did you know about this theme park? Have you ever been, and if so, what were your thoughts?

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Word of Inspiration: When Possible, Make Friends, Not Enemies

"Do not devise evil against your neighbor, for he dwells by you for safety's sake." (Proverbs 3:29)

Your neighbor could be the people that live next door, the person in the cube or office beside you, or if you're a business owner, the business next door. Neighbors can be friends or enemies. Don't complain about their annoying habits, instead find something positive and compliment them. Offer to do little favors for them. Make an effort to say "hi" and wave. If you win them over as friends, they will look out for your interest if they see something strange or unusual at your place while you're gone. They will team up with you to fight against neighborhood crime and other things that matter in your area. When possible, make friends, not enemies of your neighbors.

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Book Review - "As High As the Heavens" by Kathleen Morgan

Book Description
It is 1568 and Mary, Queen of Scots, is imprisoned in Lochleven Castle. But her supporters, including noblewoman Heather Gordon, are planning a rescue. Heather travels to a cottage in the frigid Highlands to teach a simple man--who just happens to resemble someone with access to Lochleven--how to act the part of a nobleman in order to gain entry to the castle. But in the close quarters of the cottage there is more stirring than political rebellion.

A suspenseful story of deceit and betrayal, love and secrets, As High as the Heavens will capture readers' hearts.

My Review
Anyone who has read my previous reviews of Kathleen Morgan's work, knows that I love her writing style. This book is no exception in drawing you into the story and giving one a bird's eye view of each character. The plot is well-planned and carries through as one might expect, unfolding and revealing the motivations of each character. This isn't the type of book where you will be surprised by hidden twists and turns. The key highlight of betrayal is carefully woven through the story and builds from the beginning and doesn't disappoint.

I do believe that sensuality and attraction are a must in a romance, even a Christian romance. However, I felt like the first quarter of this book concentrated very heavily on the hero and heroine's thoughts about each others bodies a bit more than necessary. Still, this book stays true to Christian romance standards and is a wonderful tale. I'm glad I discovered it and would readily recommend it for anyone who enjoys historical Christian fiction set in bonny Scotland! 

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Word of Inspiration: Give What You Have

"Do not say to your neighbor, 'Go, and come back and tomorrow I will give it' when you have it with you." (Proverbs 3:28)

I believe this means we shouldn't put people off and hesitate to help them when we have what they need--especially if we have MORE than we need. How much junk do we collect in our closets, spare rooms, garages, attics and basements, thinking we might one day need it? Yet, it sits there untouched year after year. There's an old saying, "one man's junk is another man's treasure." This is so true. Don't withhold things from others when you already have it at your disposal.

Monday, April 02, 2012

"The Quakers of New Garden" Releases this Week!

Join four Quaker women on a journey through the trials of faith and love. Ruth Payne’s bridegroom has cold feet. . .for the second time. Will their third try be the charm? Things get complicated for Underground Railroad worker Deborah Wall when she meets a bounty hunter head-on. Will love have them seeing eye-to-eye? Leah hopes to turn a marriage of convenience into a marriage of love. But will letters be a firm enough foundation? Christian Jaidon Taylor wants to win the heart of Quaker Catherine Wall. But will religion make them as incompatible as night and day?

Today I'm giving away one free copy on the Colonial Quills Blog! Swing by and enter the contest. 

Here's a preview from the video book trailer. 

If you would like to purchase a copy, here are a few places where you will find The Quakers of New Garden.

Barnes & Noble
Christian Book