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Friday, March 21, 2014

Virtual View of Public Historic Buildings in Charleston

By Jennifer Hudson Taylor

While researching historical Charleston for a few of my historical novels, I came across several significant public buildings that have stood the test of time since Colonial Charles Town. Even though churches are not considered government buildings, I am including them in this blog post since these buildings are valuable to the local community. 

United States Custom House (1853)

Bankers Trust of SC (1853)
Corner of Broad St. & E. Bay St. 

Fireproof Building (1827)
The oldest fireproof building in the U.S.

Exchange & Provost Building (1767)
Public market and meeting place during colonial era

Circular Congregational Church 
Founded as Independent Church in 1681
Current building dates back to 1891

St. Michael's Episcopal Church (1752)

United States Post Office & Courthouse (1896)
Post Office is on 1st floor & Courthouse is on 2nd floor

First Scots Presbyterian Church (1814)

Charleston City Hall (1800)