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Monday, February 17, 2014

A Picturesque View of Historic Homes in Charleston

By Jennifer Hudson Taylor

#Charleston #Colonial #4LoveLoyalty

Over the years I have taken a number of road trips to Charleston, SC for historical research on my novels. For Love or Loyalty required a lot of research on colonial Charles Towne and I couldn't help but take numerous photos while I was there. I am fascinated by historical homes and the various architecture. Therefore, I want to share a few of these images and I'll be posting them on my Pinterest boards for All Things Carolina and Inspiring Historical Places. Hope you enjoy them!

Joseph Manigault House (1803)

East Battery St. 

Tristram Hyde House (1914)
74  Murray Blvd.

C. Bissell Jenkins House (1913)
52 Murray Blvd.

32 Murray Blvd. (1929)

Archibald Baker Jr. House (1938)
36 Murray Blvd.

Rainbow Row (mid-1700's - mid-1800's)
East Bay St. (13 pastel colored historical homes)

Help me identify this house!

Help me identify this house!
On a Charleston Cobbled St.

John C. Doyle Art Gallery 
(Pink building on left side)
Chalmers St.

Nathaniel Russell House (1808)
51 Meeting St.

60 Meeting St.

Corner of Meeting St & Atlantic St.

Corner of Meeting St. & Lamboll St.

Thomas Heyward Jr. House (1772)
18 Meeting St.

Calhoun Mansion (1876)
16 Meeting St.

George Eveleigh House (1743)
39 Church St.

Lewis Timothy Print Shop
Worked for Benjamin Franklin & died in 1738
97 King St.

Marx E. Cohen House (1845)
The original plot dates back to 1680
85 King St.

Stucco House (1905)
2 South Battery St.

4 South Battery St. (1892)

Edmonston-Alston House (1825)
21 East Battery St. 
(Bed & Breakfast & still part of Alston Family since 1836)

22 East Battery St.


I love historical homes! Thanks for sharing!