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Monday, November 18, 2013

2013 Time Travelers Book Signing at the Carolina Renaissance Festival

By Jennifer Hudson Taylor

This weekend I was blessed to join several other writers in celebrating the Renaissance period in costume and great fun. In years past, I dressed up in my 15th Century Scottish Highland gown, but this year it was warm and I didn't think I could handle all the layers. I did manage to snap a few images of other authors in their costumes. 

The Carolina Renaissance Festival takes place each year for six weekends throughout October and November. Made up of an 20 acre theme park filled with 16th century European style villages with charming cottages, castles and merchants with kitchens and pubs, arts and crafts. It combines outdoor theater with 11 stages, a jousting tournament, circus entertainment, rides for children powered by people--not electric. I wrote about the Carolina Renaissance Festival in 2007 on my first visit with my family and posted photos of some of their rides, here

Since then I have been attending as a published author at their Time Travelers Book Signing weekend--the perfect place to go back in time and experience one of my historical stories - Highland Blessings, Highland Sanctuary, Path of Freedom, and For Love or Loyalty

Below are some of the authors that I enjoyed meeting and discovering. I've included a link to their site and at least one novel that they have published -- and photos! I have attempted to include everyone who participated. Also, Park Road Bookstore provided the books and made things easier with the sales. It's a great way to work with our local bookstore!

Author Anne C. Barnhill

Anne Clinard Barnhill
Mainstream Historical Fiction
She writes historical fiction set in the court of King Henry VIII for St. Martin's Press. Her debut novel is At the Mercy of the Queen

Authors Misty Massy & A.J. Hartley
A.J. Hartley
Mainsteam Fiction
Born in Great Britain, A.J. is a professor at UNCC and author of MacBeth, a novel version of Shakespeare's original play, MacBeth

Misty Massy
Mainstream Science Fiction & Fantasy
She is author of Mad Kestrel, a rollicking adventure of magic on the high seas. I'm sure it is bound to have a pirate or two in it!

Author K.A. Thomas

K.A. Thomas
Christian Fiction YA Fantasy 
Kendra is author of Ravenheart and Sorrowheart. She overcame dyslexia and is now a middle school teacher of writing and grammar - a perfect profession for an author. 

Author Gail Z. Martin

Gail Z. Martin
Mainstream Fantasy
Gail creates supernatural worlds of action, magic and adventure. Her series include The Chronicles of Necromancer, the Fallen Kings Cycle, and Ascendant Kingdom Saga.

Author John Hartness
John Hartness
Mainstream Horror
John is the author of the Black Knight Chronicles from Belle Bridge Books. He lives in Charlotte, NC and has a background in theater. I apologize that I missed getting a photo of John, but I have included a publicity photo that was used to promote this event. 

Authors Joyce & Jim Lavene

Joyce and Jim Lavene
Mainstream Cozy Mysteries
Joyce and Jim are a husband and wife team who write cozy mysteries that take place at the Renaissance Faire, including Wicked Weaves, Ghastly Glass, and Deadly Daggers. They have written more than 60 novels for several publishers. 

Author Timothy W. Tron
Timothy W. Tron
Biblical Christian Fiction
Tim is the author of Bruecke to Heaven, a storyteller finds his ancestral roots to the Apostle Speakers - Children of the Light. He brought his guitar to entertain us.