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Sunday, July 07, 2013

Claude Monet Paintings of 19th Century

By Jennifer Hudson Taylor

As the founder of the French Impressionist movement, Claude Monet captured movement against the back drop of nature scenes. Many of his paintings show people living active lives, while others depicted beautiful landscapes. He lived between 1840 - 1926 and spent several years in Paris where he painting most of his art. 

Monet's art is old enough to be in the public domain. Many of the women in his paintings are of his wife, Camille. I have included a few of my favorite images below. 

1868 - Lady on the bank of the Siene River

 Boardwalk at Trouville

Ships in Harbor 

Couple in Woods, Claude Monet & wife Camille 

Couple by the Sea - 1866 

Lady on Bench in Garden with man behind her. 

Lady in Green - 1866 

Lighthouse at La Havre  

Outdoor Picnic - 1865 

Outdoor Picnic in Paris - 1865 

Train traveling in the winter snow - 1875 

Train Depot at St. Lazare 

Woman in colorful garden - 1867 

Woman sewing - 1875 

Woman carrying parasol in a field with a friend - 1875 

Women by a tree on a walking path - 1866 

Two women in the woods, one painting and the other reading 


Lovely paintings you share! Thank you! :)

Thanks for sharing - beautiful. I'll often go to the North Carolina Museum of Art in Raleigh just to soak in the art. So much inspiration!

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Thanks for swinging by. I hope to post more images of some other historical painters over the next few months. Stay tuned!