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Saturday, October 20, 2012

A Homecoming Visit Back to Elon

By Jennifer Hudson Taylor

I'm one of those alumni who attended Elon back when it was Elon College and not Elon University. Also, they were the Fighting Christians, not the Phoenix as they are today. Elon was established in 1889 as a private college by the United Church of Christ. This weekend is homecoming and it was the first time I've returned since graduating. Let me just say, I almost didn't recognize it until I got to the historic district of Elon, and finally, there was the Elon I recognized. My heart beat with gratitude that this part of campus was still here. 

Memories came flooding back of those days in classes when all my worries in the world consisted of learning and passing tests, and wondering what my future would hold. The days of walking around campus with my friends, lounging around the water fountain in the sun, and playing sand volleyball on the weekends are nostalgic memories for me. Even the late nights at the The Pendulum came back to mind as I raced to meet deadlines for the next edition of the college newspaper. I was happy here and I learned so much. I'm very grateful for my time and experience at Elon. 

As my friend, Linda Martindale, gave me the grand tour of all the renovations of old buildings and the new buildings, I was impressed by how the college has grown and expanded, but managed to keep the historic district intact. The old oak trees still bloom on campus and are a beautiful sight. West Hall still stands tall as the oldest building on campus from 1905 where I lived on the third floor. And no, the rumored ghosts never bothered me, but there were plenty of strange noises in the old building that could play havoc with a creative mind. 

I returned to be on a panel with other graduates from the School of Communications for their session on Life After Elon. We talked about our experiences in landing jobs and how the market has changed. We answered questions and gave advice where we could. It was so great to meet other graduates who came from all over the country, as far away as California, New York and Florida,  but we all have one thing in common, Elon. If even for one short day, it was good to be back.