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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Good Still Prevails in this World

By Jennifer Hudson Taylor

Many of you know the battles we've fought with my daughter's seizures at birth and through her toddler years. What you might not know is that she was healed and remained seizure-free and med-free for almost ten years. Then in April 2012, we received a call from the school. Celina was running track and had fallen from a convulsion. She was unconscious and an ambulance raced her to a nearby hospital. 

I can't begin to describe the myriad of emotions when my husband called me. Denial, panic, doubt, worry, then prayer. Prayer was the natural instinct that took over as I stepped onto the elevator. The Holy Spirit hit me and I prayed in the spirit, allowing the Lord to calm me until I could get to my car. From there I had a 40 minute drive. I needed to hear someone's voice. I called my mom. No answer. I called my sister. No answer. I called Angela Breidenbach. I needed a voice of reason. Angie answered and she talked me through positive thoughts and reassurances that I needed to hear.

When I arrived at the hospital, my husband was already there and my daughter had awakened. She was dazed and a little confused. She couldn't remember what happened, the ambulance ride, or her arrival to the hospital. The next three days proved to be similar with short term memory losses that annoyed her. Extreme fatigue took over body and she suffered from severe sore muscles, scrapes and bruises where she had fallen on the asphalt. 

Before her CT scan, my 14-year-old asked for prayer. I had prayed on the way there, but why hadn't I considered praying WITH her to help calm her fears and ease her pain? She had to ask for it and I'm glad she did. 

Over the next month, life changed for us. We bought a video monitor so we would know if she needed us at night. After an episode where my husband and I nearly killed each other trying to get upstairs to her, we bought her a new bed and set it in the dining room so she would be closer--on the same floor as us. Her neurologist took her out of gym and her school monitored her  carefully. She couldn't get stressed or overheated. She had an MRI and an EEG. Her doctors are still trying to determine the best treatment plan for Celina. 

In spite of all we've been through, God has blessed us with many prayers and support. People from all over--some we have never met in person--are praying for my daughter. I am humbled by God's grace and love through his prayer warriors. 

Celina was excited to receive a plaque from a group of prayer warriors. They had hand painted the flower in the first image and signed their name on the back as a commitment to keep praying for her. This meant a lot to her. She placed it on our mantle and it reminds her on those tough nights when she's pacing and needing a good night sleep that people are praying for her--that people care. Good still prevails in this world, because God's people are still carrying on. We thank you for your prayers. 

She was healed from her infancy seizures. What she is experiencing now is different. She will be undergoing a different treatment plan than before. I thank God for modern technology and medicine. I thank God for her doctors and the medical personnel working for her. I thank God for people who are surrounding her in prayer. And I thank God for a child who is open to the guidance of the Lord.


Oh how wonderful she received that plaque from those who are praying for her! My heart goes out to her and to you and your husband, too. We are continuing to pray for her as she journeys forward with this.

Dee, Thank u so much. There are so many things she's struggling to understand, but I treasure days like today. She came home from school in a happy mood and talking and writing her songs. Thank u 4 your prayers!

It a blessing just hearing about the way God works in people's lives. I am still struggling with my relationship with God. Don, my late husband, was my teacher, best friend, pastor, and the one who brought me back to the Lord. We only had 6 years together before he pasted. I admire your strength and your daughter's courage. I hope that I my find that in myself one day. God bless you and your family. I will keep you all in my prayers.

Linda, There are days when I wish I was stronger, but that is when God is our strength--in our weaknesses. I'm sorry for your loss. It's hard to carry on alone when someone that close to us is gone.

I think you do have strength and courage in yourself. It sounds like you haven't given up and we all struggle in our relationship with the Lord, especially when we don't understand His ways and why things are happening to us. Thank you for sharing your story and for praying for us. I pray God's strength and blessings in your life.

I'm honored to be listed as a positive influence in your life :) this morning reading your blog post, is a positive encouragement for me. It's good to hear the creative ways you and your family are coming up with to help your daughter through such a difficult diagnosis.
Still praying

Angie, YOU have always been a positive influence in my life. I'm so thankful for our friendship. Thanks for everything!

Awe, prayers for Celina!


Know that I am reading your posts and praying for Celina. All things work for good and your family continues to minister to others through your trials. God is good, in control, and faithful! Know that you are loved and supported by many and the battle has already been won! I am praying for peacefulness, discernment, and healing. <3

Lori Fultz Schmitt

Trusting God with our children is something we know but find so hard to do. How unexpectedly disappointing after so long. Grace abundant to you and your family and especially, Celina.

Lori, We appreciate all your prayers and your words truly uplifted me. I know some of the trials you've been through and it's so encouraging to see how God is now working in your life. You minister to others as well. Blessings,

Marcia, Your words couldn't be more true. It was disappointing, but I know that God has a plan.

Keeping you in my prayers Jennifer

Keeping you in my prayers Jennifer

:( Terrible news! I will pray for her! But we can't question the Lord, He always has a plan. :)