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Monday, April 02, 2012

"The Quakers of New Garden" Releases this Week!

Join four Quaker women on a journey through the trials of faith and love. Ruth Payne’s bridegroom has cold feet. . .for the second time. Will their third try be the charm? Things get complicated for Underground Railroad worker Deborah Wall when she meets a bounty hunter head-on. Will love have them seeing eye-to-eye? Leah hopes to turn a marriage of convenience into a marriage of love. But will letters be a firm enough foundation? Christian Jaidon Taylor wants to win the heart of Quaker Catherine Wall. But will religion make them as incompatible as night and day?

Today I'm giving away one free copy on the Colonial Quills Blog! Swing by and enter the contest. 

Here's a preview from the video book trailer. 

If you would like to purchase a copy, here are a few places where you will find The Quakers of New Garden.

Barnes & Noble
Christian Book