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Wednesday, February 01, 2012

"Highland Crossings" Releases Today!


Highland Crossings Novella, Feb 2012
1) Healer of My Heart (1740) by Pamela Griffin
2) Printed on My Heart (1758) by Laurie Alice Eakes
3) Sugarplum Hearts (1789) by Gina Welborn
4) Heart's Inheritance (1815) by Jennifer Hudson Taylor

The four stories in  Highland Crossings is centered around the lives of the McKay and McPherson cousins and their descendants. A priceless brooch is given to an ancestress for a good deed she once performed for the imprisoned Mary Queen of Scots and serves as the motivation that tears the family apart. It plays a role in bringing the sisters together after twenty years of separation, gives a daughter a start on her dreams, and a granddaughter a new plan for the future. Each finds her way in the New World, the new nation, and a new century, finding God’s purpose for their lives and the loves of their hearts.

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Jennifer, your new blog design is BEAUTIFUL!!! So glad this new book is out. I have finished one novella and am ready to dig into another one tonight!

Carrie, Thank you! I needed something that would reflect both my Scottish historicals as well as my upcoming Quaker historicals. Hope you enjoy Highland Crossings!

Highland Crossings is a wonderful book. LOVED Heart's Inheritance.

Thank you, Teresa! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. I love genealogy research so that part of me came out in Brynna.