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Monday, January 02, 2012

2012: A New Beginning of Goals not Resolutions

By Jennifer Hudson Taylor

I don't set New Year's Resolutions. Instead, I celebrate my blessings and accomplishments of the previous year. Then I evaluate my progress toward my long term goals, check off completed goals, and set new ones. 

The idea of a "resolution" is to transform oneself, lifestyle, or habits into a brand new creation by sheer will power and determination. It gives the impression that one will be able to achieve this transformation overnight. This is why so many people fail at New Year's Resolutions. It's unrealistic.

Goals are much better as it provides the concept that one will work over a period of time to achieve the transformation, and it's understood that it won't happen overnight. Long term goals work better when one sets milestones like a progress meter to reaching the overall goal. 

Writers understand this well. When we sit down to write a full-length novel of 100,000 words, we know it won't happen in a day. We have a schedule we keep, a process we go through, and milestones to reach: 10,000 words, then 20, then 30.... 

The key to this progress is consistency. The key to consistency is never giving up. I tell people all the time that even a snail's pace is still progress. Little things add up over a period of time. Pennies add up to dollars. Inches add up to miles. Seconds add up to minutes and minutes to hours. Don't discount the small things. God creates miracles out of them. We become the tool He can work through us to accomplish what we think is impossible.

If we could apply this method to all our goals in every area of life, we would be productive and feel better about ourselves. We'll have a sense of accomplishment. It makes us have a more positive outlook at life and this positive energy will project out to others around us. I believe in applying this concept to our spiritual life in prayer, Bible reading, and fellowship, as well as our health with eating habits and exercise, parenting, and work.

Have you set new goals for 2012?


Indeed, I have set some goals for 2012! This year I hope to be more content with what God has blessed me with, to be more faithful to my Bible reading and prayer, to lose some weight and be more consistent with exercising (which will be the hardest one, because I hate exercising)!

Emma, I have some of the same goals. I pray you have much success in 2012!