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Monday, December 19, 2011

Write a Book, Reap the Rewards

By Jennifer Hudson Taylor

Last week, Dan Miller wrote a guest post on Michael Hyatt's blog. He stated something that I believe is worth repeating: Most have the fantasy of writing the book, submitting the manuscript, and then sitting in a lawn chair next to the mailbox, waiting on those big checks to show up. The reality of publishing and the source of real income is a quite different picture.

This statement is so true. If you are hoping and praying to be published soon, or you're a new published author waiting for some miracle sales, keep reading, I have some advice for you. 

1) Don't quit your day job. Be trying to figure out how you're going to squeeze in your writing time with your day-to-day work schedule, while adding 70% more marketing and promotion than you're currently doing right now. The thought of this may be daunting, but not impossible. I'm a living proof as are other authors. 

2) Don't tell your spouse that you're investing the family budget into your writing (for writing conferences and workshops and/or building an online platform) with the intention of putting it back when you get published. It won't happen. Instead, you'll need even more to invest. Consider a part-time job and/or sit down with your spouse and make sure you both clearly understand that your investment won't be a tangible return any time soon. The family will need to sacrifice and support you. This must be understood. Otherwise, it isn't fair to you or your spouse.

3) Don't have the attitude that if God wants your work to be read and widely published, He will make it happen. While God is the only one that can perform miracles for us, His word does say that faith without works is dead. You are going to have to put in a lot of time and hard work and it can take years before you begin to see the payoff. It isn't enough just to write the book and rewrite and edit it multiple times, go to writing conferences, submit to editors and agents and survive numerous rejections. That process is only the beginning...

4) If you refuse to work a full-time or part-time job to pay for your writing expenses, or you feel it won't work for you, then you need to consider other paying alternatives. You will need to build a speaking platform or write multiple paying articles in between your longer works of fiction or nonfiction. Some authors are printing smaller works and self-publishing on e-platforms and earning additional income through these resources. 

I'm not asking you to be pessimistic. Stay optimistic, but don't put on blinders. You can be realistic, while staying optimistic. REAL optimism is KNOWING you can beat the odds by knowing what the odds are. 

Any of you have any additional advice to add? Feel free to share.