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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Book Review - "Daughter of Joy" by Kathleen Morgan

By Jennifer Hudson Taylor


Book Description
Set in the late nineteenth century outside Colorado Springs, Colorado, also tells a compelling, perceptive tale of one woman's faith journey. In the wake of losing both her husband and young son, Abigail Stanton is searching for a way to make sense of her losses. She takes a job as housekeeper for Conor MacKay, a confusing, often volatile man who also carries deep pain-and secrets-in his inscrutable heart. 

My Review
As a descendant of the MacKay family from Culdee, Scotland, Conor must come to terms with his painful past and the scars his father left on his life. Abby's arrival to his now successful ranch, is a constant reminder of his mother's memory and the deep roots of her faith. Once he realizes Abby's integrity and grit beyond his mere attraction to her, Conor is faced with taking risks he wouldn't ordinarily take, but he believes Abby is worth it. 

Abby is grieving from the loss of her husband and 5 year old son, but her attraction to Conor is unexpected and unexplained since she never shared these feelings with her late husband, a man 15 years older and chosen for her by her father. She is forced to make several decisions that put her in opposition against Conor, the town's judgmental convictions, and other ranch hands who don't understand her deep faith driving her forceful will to stand up for what is right.
Just when all seems to be settling down and coming together, the author throws in several plot twists to increase the stakes and tension. The romance is strong, but within the lines of biblical boundaries. The plot is full of suspense that will leave you wondering how the characters will react next. The characters are believable and unique in their own right. The ending is satisfying and I would highly recommend it. Definitely a page turner. 

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DAUGHTER OF JOY is a beautiful story of redemptive love. Abby's walk of faith, sometimes followed by sheer force of will alone, resonated in my heart. And Conor's painful journey back to the safe harbor of a loving and forgiving God brought me to tears. Thank you, Ms. Morgan, for such a memorable read.