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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Word of Inspiration: The Beginning of Wisdom

"The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction." (Proverbs 1:7)

Too many people covet the knowledge of man's wisdom, especially university degrees and the idea of surrounding one's self with educated individuals. I'm not against education. I have a college degree and I'm thankful for it. What I'm referring to is coveting man's knowledge over common sense and biblical wisdom. 

Our university degrees and certifications is from others--men and women. They challenge us to think and question the world--even to question our faith and belief in things that can't be scientifically proven--a direct contrast to the principle of faith. Only then, does man's education become a danger to our existence in the will of God--we can't be so grounded in reality of this earth--a place of sin--that we lose the ability to believe in something we can't touch or see or sometimes prove or even explain--to simply believe. This is pride, believing that one's ideals are more true over the living creator God who's thinking and word is so high above our comprehension that we don't always understand it. This is why I believe Jesus chose disciples who were common, uneducated men.

Faith is believing in the Word of God--in God--even when we don't understand it or Him. We just believe that what He says is true--just like a child. If we fear that what God says is true--just the tiniest bit as much as a muster seed--it really is the beginning of wisdom. Because this is the deal, if someone is questioning their faith or belief in God, they are seeking proof of His existence. They don't necessarily have proof that he does NOT exist, but in their mind they don't have proof that He DOES exist. 

If they are wrong, they risk eternal damnation in hell. If they are right, then they have nothing to lose--He and His word doesn't exist. So therefore, which risk is common sense--the risk of being wrong and eternal damnation in hell or being wrong and losing nothing? Logic and common sense would dictate that not fearing that the Lord might be real and His word true is a lack of wisdom--foolish.  


So often we listen to man and not what God is telling us to do in our lives. I prefer His wisdom over anyone's:) Great post!

Terri, So true and that is another whole post in itself. In this post I concentrated on nonbelievers, but Christians are just as guilty in coveting man's wisdom and education over listening and waiting--therefore valuing--God's direction and advice in their lives. Maybe I should do a post on that as well. LOL

Thanks for contributing!

Amen! We have many gods in this society, and education and knowledge are certainly one of them for many people. It always amazes me at how much hatred there is for God and His word, and even His believers. I know the Bible warns us of it, but it never ceases to surprise me!

Yes, there are definitely too many idols. The problem is, most of us don't even realize it. Thanks, Emma.