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Monday, October 17, 2011

Clearing Out the Clutter in Your Twitter Stream

By Jennifer Hudson Taylor

There's no denying the fact that Social Media can become overwhelming and very time consuming, but if we take the time to set boundaries, we'll feel a little less overwhelmed. We'll also feel like some of the time we spend on Social Media sites is more productive--especially those of us who are on there to network. 

In this post I'm going to share with you some of my personal Twitter boundaries, which are really my pet-peeves and the reason I unfollow people in an attempt to clean up my twitter stream.

Reasons I Unfollow People
1) Cursing

2) Sex Talk

3) One word tweets that don't mean anything

4) Phrases that don't mean anything

5) Tweeting in a different language other than English. Even if a profile is in English, but the tweets are in Spanish or some other language, I unfollow. It's annoying when I don't know what is being said.

6) Zero tweets, even if you're new, you need to tweet something. It only takes a couple of seconds. Otherwise, I'll assume it's a spam acct and unfollow.

7) No tweets in a month or longer. Some people create accts just to see what Twitter is all about, and then they never use them again or they're sporadic tweeters. I don't like tweeting to no one. 

8) Repeat lines, if an acct has multiple tweets that are all the same, it's spam and I unfollow. 

9) Racial comments, I'm not interested if a person is black, white, hispanic, oriental or poka-dotted. I'm interested in people and souls. I have no tolerance for racial comments or gossip for that matter. 

10) Idolizing celebrities, including repeating tweets to celebrities, begging celebrities to follow back, or only retweeting tweets from celebrities. Someone who does this gives the impression that their focus is in the wrong place. 

11) Bombarding me with political tweets. A few are ok, but if I don't agree with the views being stated, that person risks me turning them off=unfollow. 

12) Tweeting horoscopes, not interested and it goes against my faith. 

13) People who don't have the courtesy to follow back. I don't care how famous and important they think they are, if a person refuses to follow back, I unfollow them. I'm not interested in one-sided conversations. If I really like the content they put out, I still unfollow, but may include them in a list.

What are some of your pet-peeves and unfollow boundaries?


Hey Jennifer. I agree with almost all of those. Except for the last one. Twitter is great for being a one-sided stream and there are several reasons I choose to follow or unfollow someone.

I'll follow if:
~They're interesting
~They're not posting the exact same thing to Facebook.

I'll unfollow (or not follow at all) if:
~I'm already their FB or G+ friend--I prefer the conversations in those venues.
~They don't look all that interesting and I haven't heard of them before being notified they're following me.

I don't care if I'm followed back or not. I follow a bunch of accounts for the information: local news, publishing news, and the local food movement.

The info and local news goes onto one of my lists. Yes, it can be a one-sided stream, but it doesn't have to be. I can see where you might not follow on Twitter if you're already connected thru FB or G+.

Thanks for stopping by and contributing.