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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Word of Inspiration: Sometimes, It Isn't Yours to Own

In the Old Testament King David had a strong desire to build a Holy Temple for God. He had the means, labor, and talent. But God told him, No. He told David that his son, Solomon would build the temple, and he would be blessed and have a life of rest. Even though God chose and used David in battle to accomplish his purpose, God told David that he had too much blood on his hands to build a Holy Temple. It wasn't that God didn't love King David or didn't appreciate him, but He had plans for the next generation.

Sometimes we have dreams that are full of best intentions, but we just aren't born in the right generation or right time. We need to learn to recognize what is meant for us to accomplish and what isn't. For those of us who are natural-born leaders, driven with purpose, and attempting to accomplish all the goals on our bucket list--this realization is the hardest to accept.

You may be asking, so what do I do? 

My answer is simple: Help prepare the next generation for what we weren't able to do. God has great plans for them!


True words, Jennifer. It's one of the hardest things for me to do; let go and let God have control. His perfect will for our lives.


Me, too, Caroline. I'm a control freak!