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Monday, July 25, 2011

How to Disable Google+ Instant Photo Upload on Android Phone

The other day I took a photo on my Verizon Android phone and was surprised to later discover it had automatically uploaded to my Google+ account. This wasn't one of those photos I wanted to release on the Internet.

I prefer the option of choosing which photos I upload, especially those of my family. I couldn't remember giving Google+ this permission and when I went online to find solutions, it wasn't clear if this had to be done from the phone or online at a computer.

For the record, you must disable this feature directly from your phone. Apparently, when you first download the Google+ app to your Android phone, they default this Instant Upload feature to enable. You will have to go in and manually disable it.

Below is a quick tutorial video on how to do this. 


Thanks for the info.

I absolutely agree. I just wanted to deposit a check via the PayPal check scan feature. The last thing I want is a picture of a check, both sides, posted on my Google+ account.