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Monday, May 16, 2011

Uploading First Chapters as Samples

As a sneak preview, I wanted to share a sample of the first chapter of Highland Sanctuary, releasing in Oct 2011.

Do you ever read those sample chapters? Do they tempt you to buy the book or make you rethink about buying a book? Inquiring minds want to know!

A couple of years ago there was the huge issue of not uploading anything as a sample, if it isn't published and/or contracted. Should unpublished writers wait until their manuscript is published or do you think it might help them sell to a publisher or gain an agent's eye?

What are your thoughts? In the meantime, here is a sample chapter of Highland Sanctuary.


Oh my goodness: the birth of another book. Congratulations!

You're such a gift wordsmith. I'm thinking I need to get his book given my Scottish/Irish (Highlander) heritage.


Kathleen, I'm so glad you enjoyed the first chapter! Thank you so much for the encouragement on my writing.