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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

The Pendulum of Mood Swings

By Jennifer Hudson Taylor

I'll be honest, I try my best to be good, but it's those wretched mood swings that get me. My moods can swing from one end of the pendulum to the other in a matter of seconds. 

Anyone else ever have to deal with mood swings? 

If I catch my behavior, I can excuse myself to visit the restroom, go to my bedroom, or somewhere that affords a bit of privacy so I can pray for help, refocus my thoughts, and adjust my attitude before going back out and trying again. I may have to swallow my pride and apologize to others if I've allowed my mood to affect others.

While we may not be able to control other people's behavior, we can affect their moods. How often have you tried to say something positive to encourage a friend who may be depressed, sad or grieving. You are trying to influence their mood. How many times have you been in a great mood, whistling or singing, enjoying the sunrise, and someone with a rotten mood say something sarcastic or rude to you? You try not to let it bother you, but they manage to dampen your spirits just the same. They've affected your mood. 

People's mood swings whether good or bad influence others. Ever had someone ask, "How are you this morning?" Were you tempted to tell them the truth? I have. But we hold back because deep down we know they don't want to hear the details, they're just trying to be polite and make small talk. 

Sometimes it's tempting to try and justify our behavior if we've had to deal with a difficult person. Perhaps we've let their snide comments go for days and one day they just happen to catch us in the wrong mood and we explode. It would be so easy to move on telling ourselves that they deserved it--brought it on themselves. But if we are trying to live a Godly life and walk in the commandments that Jesus gives us, does it make it right to resort to the same level of behavior?

Jesus would tell us, "No". 

Satan loves to attack us where and when we're weak. It seems as soon as we wake up on the wrong side of the bed with a headache or some other body ache, or we've just received bad news, or an allergy attack hits, or we've had a bad circumstance occur, the devil brings along someone he has access to--and BAAM we're being harassed and annoyed by some idiot who wants to be difficult. 

Um, go ahead and wave your hand with me. I think we've all been there. 

Now let's share some scripture or advice that helps us get out of those mood swings or gives us an attitude adjustment. What has worked for you in the past?


I don't necessarily have what I'd call mood swings, but I am at a point in life where I am very easily irritated...and every slight irritation or stress brings on a hot flash....which is bad enough, but the hot flashes tend to leave me with beads of perspiration all over my face....pretty hard to hide that! I like your idea of using scripture to get back on an even keel...I'll have to come up with a suitable verse.

I also wanted to ask you a favor...I'm looking for support for my son's film making endeavours. I wondered if you would check out their YouTube videos, either on my blog or TheJustinSean YouTube channel, and consider posting one of the videos or perhaps a link to the channel. Thanks so much!

Deborah, I'm not referring to the kind of mood swings that we might be plagued with at middle age--but the kind that can hit at any age due to things not going our way, a rude person, bad traffic, losing keys and being late to something, those little irritations in life. All though--I would assume the middle age mood swings would make all those irritations much worse.

I'll check out you son's YouTube page as I'm on YouTube.


Lol...yes you're does seem to make things harder to deal with!
Thanks for checking out my boys' videos.