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Monday, January 10, 2011

When Was the Marriage Consummated?

By Jennifer Hudson Taylor

#christianfiction, #christianromance

This is the question I am most often asked regarding my debut novel, Highland Blessings.

I began writing Highland Blessings in 1998 as a mainstream novel called Promised Betrayal. While I was a Christian, there was nothing Christian about this book. It contained a few sex scenes, including a consummation scene after Akira's brother treats her with contempt throwing the food she offered him to the ground. Bryce hears her crying in their tent and goes into comfort her and their marriage is consummated. Like most non-Christian novels, their attraction was the main key holding them together. 

Many trials and tribulations came and I quit writing for 3 years. I had been taught that in times of trouble I should seek God with all my heart. The Bible became alive to me. I began reading it and studying it on my own. It wasn't until 2006, that I stood in a Borders Book store browsing the Religion section and found Kathleen Morgan's Embrace the Dawn, my first introduction to Christian fiction.

I prayed for help, rewrote it as a Christian fiction novel layering in the faith element, and retitled it as Promised Blessings. In this version, all sex scenes were removed and on their way back to the MacKenzie holdings, Akira becomes angry that her father doesn't rescue her. She goes to Bryce offering herself as his wife in every way. This was my subtle way of hinting at a consummation without the consummation scene.

A different publisher from my current publisher still felt like it had too much sensuality. This is when all reference to the consummation was edited out. This editor still rejected the manuscript. Then Abingdon Press decided they wanted to publish it. I had been over it so many times, I forgot about the other editor taking out the references to the consummation. Now that I'm familiar with Abingdon Press and their guidelines, they would have been fine keeping it in. Some Christian publishers are more strict than others. 

Suffice it to say, that they consummated the marriage after Akira is healed from her poisoned illness and they both declare their love for one another.

I hope you will enjoy Gavin's story in the sequel to be released Oct 2011 as Highland Sanctuary


I'm looking forward to Highland Sanctuary. The fact that there was a character named Gavin, my son's name, was in Highland Blessings was what fist made me take a look at it.

An Arkies Musings

Thanks for sharing that, Jennifer. Because of the books I was reading last year, I started adding more sensuality to my work-in-progress. But it's definitely a Christian book, and I need to consider that during revision.

Richard, That is so awesome that your son is also named Gavin. One never knows what might make a person pick up a book. I hope you both like the sequel. I'll probably be starting my macro edits on it soon.


You are very welcome. It's always my hope that this blog will be helpful to others. Your feedback lets me know what kind of things to post so thank you!

I had wondered when that consummation took place in Highland Blessings, but there was enough action going on, that I assumed it had taken place off scene and it wasn't bothersome. Thanks for sharing your faith walk. You are an inspiration to all of us working mom/wanna-be writers out there. Love ya!

Thanks, Christy! I think it depends on the individual, I've had some who contacted me and said they were glad I left it up to the imagination. We never know how people are going to react to something. That's why I'm a little nervous about Highland Sanctuary, because it is so different from Highland Blessings--But they can't all be the same!

Even though you're a working mom, you can do it!