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Friday, January 28, 2011

Remembering the 7 Crew Members on The Challenger

There are 3 significant disasters in my lifetime that are branded in my memory. One is President Ronald Reagan being shot when I was 9, the explosion of The Challenger when I was only 14, and the 911 terrorist attacks in 2001. But today, 25 years ago, I'm remembering The Challenger. It's hard to believe it's already been 25 years.


I was thinking the same thing! I have all three of those horrific events seared into my memory banks as well. I was sitting in my sophomore English class in high school 25 years ago today.

I was a freshman in college, studying to be a teacher. Felt it extremely personally. My old high school chemistry teacher was a finalist for Christa McCauliff's spot on the shuttle. Up until 9/11, I was sure the Challenger explosion was gonna be my generation's JFK assassination.

Was that really 25 years ago? Time flies by too quickly.
John Lennon's assassination was the most tough for me.

Thank you for this remembrance. I can recall exactly where I was and how confused and sad I felt.

I'll never forget that moment, or where I was when it occurred. Such a tragedy.

Among my own remembrances is Pres. Kennedy's assassination. I was a Freshman in H.S. The Manson Murders were horrendous, and a gateway to equally horrific behavior in the years that followed. And I'll never, ever forget 9/11 either.

It is good to remember. For me, it conspires to help me further remember how in need of a Savior are we.


Thank you for doing the remembering the 7 crew members on the Challenger.Was off work that day,I am a retired/disabled nurse.What a tragedy that was!We do tend to forget.I was a small child when JFK was assassinated,what a shock that was also. Then 911 happened,my first grandchild was supposed to arrive on that day,but thank God, he chose to come on the 1st instead.
What makes people,some groups, think that 911 was something God would approve or think was right?This world so is in need of a Savior,and thank God we have one.