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Monday, January 17, 2011

People are Lending Books on Kindle

By Jennifer Hudson Taylor

When I first discovered that #Kindle books could be loaned to others, I was curious, especially since Highland Blessings is available as a loaner. How can books be loaned on Kindle? Wouldn't people just download from friends and family? Would they have a reason to buy books if they could get them free?  

If a book's publisher gives permission for a book to be loaned, someone who buys a book and enters a friend's name and email address can make it available to their friend. That person will get an email notification and will be able to download the book for 14 days. It can be downloaded in any Kindle format such as pc, Droid, or Kindle device. After 14 days, I suppose it disappears from that person's downloads. The book can only be loaned once to that person, thus the email and name. 

I wanted to share this piece of news with you. For more information, you can read about the details on how it works, here.

Have you loaned a Kindle book to anyone or received one? I'd love to know how the experience went. Please share.


I have a kindle with several hundred books on it. Amazon certainly doesn't make it easy or obvious although I know it can be done.

I still haven't tried this feature. I thought it might be nice for authors who may like to provide books for reviewers without having to spend so much on buying books and postage. I'm hoping with each new upgrade things will get better.

What a GREAT idea to use the loan feature for those who review books. I can see where it would save lots of money just in postage.

I do plan to try out the loan option someday soon and will try to remember to let you know how it went for me since my sister downloaded the pc kindle. I'm with you on curious how it works.