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Monday, December 13, 2010

Preserve Great Ideas on Mobile Technology

By Jennifer Hudson Taylor

Remember those old movies where a writer might be sitting in a restaurant somewhere and a brilliant story idea or marketing concept would come to mind? This is before laptops, iphones, ipads, etc. The writer looks around for something to write on, s/he might use a napkin, the back of a fortune cookie slip or something else.

Over the holidays you will probably be surrounded by family and friends at Christmas parties, going last minute shopping, opening gifts, viewing light displays, at church services, Christmas dramas, special dinners--and all of these events will likely inspire ideas and your writing muse.

You may not be in a place or situation where you can take advantage of writing it down, but you still don't have to let the brilliant idea fly out the window of your memory. Use your phone. Text or email it to yourself. That way when you finally are at home with time to concentrate on expanding the idea into a finished product, you have something to reference. 

Mobile technology is more than just a way to communicate with others and connect to the Internet, it's also a back up plan for inspiring ideas when you're on the go!

Have you tried using your iphone, Blackberry or Droid as a back-up for info when you're on the go? If not, why not, please share!


My only "mobile technology" is a generally basic cell phone with texting abilities - but I think I tried texting myself once and it didn't go through. I keep a small notebook in my purse (though it seems to have disappeared in the past couple days - better look for it, eh?) that i can use for just such an occasion.

Joanne, I carried around a pad before I bought my Droid in March. Now I'm hooked on it.

I have been guilty of grabbing my Blackberry and tapping in something that has just glided into my head when in a restaurant having a romantic dinner with my husband - he wasn't happy about it at all!
But when the muse talks, you just gotta listen!

Cool writerly way to make use of modern technology!
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