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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

The Blessing of Christian Music

This morning as I was driving my daughter to school and listening to the Christian music station we often enjoy, I was reminded of how things have changed from my childhood compared to today. When I was 13, there were no Christian music stations unless it was gospel music or talk shows with preaching. What was available definitely didn't encourage a 13 year old to listen to it. 

I remember listening to pop rock and feeling a little guilty that it wasn't anything that glorified God. Even as a teen I had this desire, but I didn't want to be bored to death with the only stations that were available. I remember telling God that if He would create a Christian rock station that I would change over to that and listen to it for the rest of my life. Now we have three local Christian rock stations, and as I travel from city to city, I can generally find a Christian rock station somewhere on the radio wherever I go. Isn't it just like God to go over and beyond what we ask for?

I remember back in the early to mid 80's how so many Christians were afraid that rock n'roll and pop music, especially heavy metal, was a deception by the devil. They would play the records backwards and you would hear some of those evil, subliminal messages. I realize that some of it really was and still is evil, planting strongholds in people's minds and that is why I longed for Christian rock. 

Then as the birth of Christian rock began to emerge, the fears of it being another deception by the devil to steal our children and teens built a huge resistance to it by the Christian community. In fact, if it wasn't for this fear, my generation may have had a chance at experiencing the blessing of Christian rock music and radio stations sooner. But God heard the prayers of those of us who were praying for it, and He delivered!

My daughter doesn't know what it is like not to have these Christian stations. She has grown up with them. I recognize them as the blessing they are, but does her generation realize this blessing or do they take it for granted? One thing I do know is that she skips through all the other stations and only wants to listen to the stations she has grown up listening to. It's like second-nature to her. Anything else feels foreign to her--and I'm so thankful.

Also, I've noticed her listening to more of the stories and ministry opportunities that are shared on Christian radio. While it isn't a sermon, she's still learning about God's word, His biblical principles, caring and giving to others such as the Christmas Shoe Box, how the radio stations survive by donations, local concerts coming to our area, testimonies that she has asked me to explain. She is learning from our Christian station and God is planting seeds in her, and I feel so blessed as this was my prayer years ago and I get to see the fruits of it. 

How has Christian radio/music blessed you? How has it changed your life?


We have seen more lives changed by Christian heavy metal than I can count. (Yes, there really is such a thing!)

My kids grew up on Petra, Carman, and Hillsong. Today they are inspired by Thousand Foot Krutch, Disciple, Skillet, and so many more.

My own rule of thumb is this: the style of music isn't what matters, the power is in the words. There are "Christian" songs I have to turn off when they come on the radio because they are full of fear and doubt and unbelief, and there are secular pop songs God has used to inspire a Bible study, or a new way of looking at the Word.

You are truly blessed to have access to Christian rock radio stations! I get NPR and K-LOVE. And that's ALL. : )

We don't have access to Christian rock stations in my little corner of the world, but it was cool to hear it mixed in with mainstream stuff when we spent a few years in Texas.

We love all kinds of music in our home, but I'm always mindful of the lyrics and the way certain music makes us feel. We're also careful with video games, etc. that have non-uplifting music in the background, and the kids always know to turn off the sound. And then there are songs that we love to crank up and dance to that inspire family unity and good old-fashioned fun!

Music is such a huge blessing, and I'm really grateful that there are so many options for us nowadays!

Its completly changed my life. I live in a somewhat small town and until we got Christian radio their was bassicaly nothing on except non-christian talk shows and music so I never really listened. But now I listen almost everyday and actually enjoy it! :)


My brother grew up listening to Petra and I even like some of their songs. I grew up listening to Carman and attended one of his concerts back then.

Tracy, I hope and pray you get a Christian radio station in your area soon!

Gabriel, I'm glad you finally got a Christian radio station in your small town. Even if we only had one station, I'd choose that over all the other stuff. Although, there were times I chose classical stations before we have the 3 Christian stations we have now.