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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Book Review - "Where Hearts are Free" by Golden Keyes Parsons

By Jennifer Hudson Taylor

A story of honor, betrayal, pain and forgiveness--this novel brings you through several emotions that will sweep you away to early colonial America. While Phillipe Clavell tries to do what is right, his lack of action inadvertently causes the downfall of Bridget Barrington who desperately loves him. I like the way Bridget stands up to her family and goes after what she wants. When things don't turn out as she hopes, she doesn't give up, but she makes up her mind to make the best of her circumstances.

Due to his position as the family's indentured servant and their opposing religious denominations, Philippe must resist Bridget. He almost hid his feelings for Bridget too well.

Overall, Where Hearts Are Free is an enjoyable fast read with a sweet faith-based romance that blooms into true love. You get a real sense of how indentured servants were seen by society and treated. Yet, one can see the hope and fresh start these families experienced once their indentured service was over--a chance at the American dream to be free. The characters are memorable, the story realistic and moving, and the faith of the characters is inspiring. Where Hearts are Free is a wonderful conclusion to the Darkness into Light series.

Back Cover Description
Amid the liberty and promise of the new world, Bridget Barrington and Phillipe Clavell fall in love, but nothing about their love seems possible.

To pay for the Clavell family's passage from France, Philippe, a former member of French royalty, worked as an indentured slave to the Barringtons. Bridget is the heiress of the prominent plantation.

When Bridget's parents discover the budding romance between their daughter and their servant, they quickly orchestrate her engagement to an older, more advantageous match. But Edward Moorehead has a secret. And he's anything but a good match for Bridget.

Separated from her true love and in danger from her betrothed, Bridget must rely on God to deliver her from darkness into light. 

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