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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Review - "Grace in Thine Eyes" by Liz Curtis Higgs

By Jennifer Hudson Taylor

Book Description
Davina McKie is a bonny lass of seventeen, as clever as they come and a gifted musician. Unable to speak since childhood, she is doted on by her belligerent younger brothers, Will and Sandy, who vow to protect their silent sister. 

When the lads are forced to depart the glen, Jamie McKie plans to brighten his daughter's summer by escorting Davina to the Isle of Arran. Her cousins make her welcome at the manse, and the parish delights in hearing their talented fiddler.

But when she catches the eye of a handsome young Highlander on Midsummer Eve, sheltered Davina is unprepared for the shocking events that follow.

A timeless story of passion and revenge, of lost innocence and shattered dreams, Grace in Thine Eyes explores the sorrow of unspeakable shame and the gift of unmmeasurable grace. 

My Review
Swept away to 19th century Scotland with characters that seem like I know them, this story made me weep and reflect on life in many ways. The heroine, Davina McKie, experienced an accident in childhood that left her mute. She communicates with with people through gestures, expressions, and writing words in her sketchbook. She has two over-protective brothers who feel guilty for her accident.

When Davina is sent to the island of Arran to visit with distant family, she meets the rogue, Somerled McDonald, a wealthy heir. They share a love of music and an attraction that will forever change Davina's life. Without giving away story, I'll suffice it to say that Davina becomes a victim of the man she loves, a bitter betrayal by her brothers, the whole island, and the village of people where she had grown up--and all the while innocent. She forgives, grieves, forgives, grieves, and finally healing comes--and with it a new love begins.

This book is wonderful, historically accurate, with deep and heart-felt characters, a plot that is thick and ripe with conflict and realistic circumstances. You will really enjoy Grace in Thine Eyes.


I can honestly say - and have been saying - this is my favorite book of all time. Seriously. It's so compelling and historically interesting. I fell in love with all the characters and the country setting.
Good review and thank goodness for Liz.

Jan, For me, my favorite book all-time is "Redeeming Love" by Francine Rivers, but this book really ranks right up there.