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Monday, November 29, 2010

Contests for Pre-published Authors with Inspirational Categories

By Jennifer Hudson Taylor

I thought it would be beneficial to some of you if I shared a few upcoming contests for pre-published authors in 2011.

This isn't an exhaustive list, but you can find additional lists for writing contests on the Seekerville Blog, as well as Romance Writers of America's (RWA) Romance Writers Report. Another great source is Sally Stuart's Christian Writers' Market Guide. All of these resources include contests for published and pre-published writers.

This list is in order of the deadline date to help you establish your calendar priorities. Specific deadline dates may not be known at this time, but only a general time frame. In this case, I've simply listed the month(s) of when the contest deadline is generally known to be. I've also included a link to the hosting writing organization so you can click right to their site for additional information on eligibility requirements, contest rules, and entry instructions.

Realizing the Dream Contest
Date TBA
Desert Rose RWA
$25 Members, $30 Non-members
Submit first 10 pages and 3-page synopsis
Electronic submissions accepted

Fool for Love Contest 
Mar/Apr 2011
Virginia Romance Writers
Submit first chapter up to 20 pages
$20 Members, $25 Non-members
Accepts electronic submissions

Merritt Contest

Feb 2011
San Antonio Romance Authors
$25 Members, $30 Non-members
Submit first chapter up to 20 pages, 5-page synopsis (unjudged)
Electronic submissions accepted

Genesis Contest (ACFW)
March 2011
American Christian Fiction Writers
$35 per entry
Submit first 15 pages, 1 single-spaced synopsis page
Electronic submissions accepted

Touched By Love (FHL)
April 2011
Faith, Hope & Love Chapter of RWA
$20 Members,$25 Non-members
Submit first 30 pages, 2-page sysnopsis (unjudged)
Electronic submissions accepted

Orange Rose Contest

April 2011
Orange Rose County Chapter
$25 Members, $35 Non-members
Submit first 55 pages
Electronic submissions accepted

Lone Star Writing Contest
May 2011
Northwest Houston Romance Writers
$20 Members, $25 Non-members
Submit first chapter up to 25 pages
Electronic submissions accepted

Tara Contest
May 2011
Tampa Area Romance Writers
$25 per entry
Submit first chapter up to 4,000 words
Electronic submissions accepted

Maggie Awards for Excellence for Published
June 2011
Georgia Romance Writers
$25 Members, $30 Non-members
Electronic submissions accepted

Finally A Bride Contest
Sept 2011
Oklahoma Romance Writers
Submit first chapter up to 30 pages
$25 Members, $30 Non-members
Accepts electronic submissions


Thank you for this. I'm thinking of taking another writing leap next year and entering a contest.