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Friday, October 01, 2010

Welcome Autumn!

By Jennifer Hudson Taylor

Every year I welcome autumn with open arms. I love the cool breeze, the nip in the air, the morning dew and frost, and the beautiful splash of colors gracing the landscape like a majestic canvas painting. And the harvest festivals! At no other time of the year are there so many wonderful festivals with games, activities, arts and crafts, culture, history, etc. 

Usually my birthday request is to spend the weekend in the mountains in a log cabin where it is so gorgeous with color. This year my family has been battling some issues with mono, strep, and my mom is in the hospital. Even though my birthday isn't until the end of the month (day before Halloween), I think I'm going to hang around close to home. I've been traveling so much since the release of my debut novel, Highland Blessings, and I feel a little weary. But that doesn't mean I can't enjoy autumn and local festivals around here. 

One place I will be this year is the Carolina Renaissance Faire in Huntersville, NC, which runs for six weeks starting October 9th. Opening weekend is half off. I will be participating in their first literary festival and signing copies of Highland Blessings, October 16th & 17th. Here's a link with more information, Carolina Renaissance. I wrote a blog about my first experience at the Carolina Renaissance, here. While this has a touristic feel about it, most people dress up in costumes--guests and staff, they have shows with jugglers, acrobats, knights jousting, games, children rides powered by men and no electricity, music, fire eaters, a petting zoo, bagpipes, harpists, archery, tomato toss, etc. 

Another place I haven't visited in a while is Old Salem, in Winston-Salem, NC. We lived near there for eight years and my daughter says she doesn't remember going there. It is an historic Moravian community that has been preserved and restored in the very spot it was built during the colonial period. It reminds me of Williamsburg, but with a slightly different culture. They have excellent activities in the fall and decorate it beautifully during the Christmas holidays. 

Old Salem is very authentic with tour guides, a children's museum, book store, a tavern where you may eat lunch or dinner, the awesome bakery where you can see them baking bread and cookies the old fashioned way, other shops, different houses and buildings as museums, re-enactors, etc. 

And finally there is the 7-acre Corn Maize at Rural Hill Farms where the Lake Norman Highland Games are held in the spring of April each year on the historic Davidson Farm north of Charlotte, NC. Each year, they create a complex maize with paths that have a unique educational theme of 7,700 feet, 466 individual turns, 125 intersections. It's like a treasure map enabling you to piece together each section at a time as you find clues, 12 pieces. There are drinks, snacks, and a few things for sale outside the maize. It's great fun! 

I wrote a blog post about it, here

For more information on Rural Hill Farm - A Scottish History, visit here

What are you planning for YOUR fall excursions? Please share about the fall festivals and faires in your area!