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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Protect Your Time

By Jennifer Hudson Taylor

Over the past two weeks I've had to make the difficult decision to reduce my time on a few writing email loops. While I didn't spend a whole lot of time on these loops, I still received digests of all the emails in my inbox and felt obligated to read through them. Too often I was tempted to respond to a few posts, taking time away from my writing, researching, and online promotion. 

I deleted my membership on four loops, went no-mail on one, and joined a new one that is geared toward the location and time period of my next three novels. Last month, I pulled out of my critique group and switched to beta test readers. You could say I'm going through a transitional season--one that is very necessary--especially with the upcoming holidays around the corner. 

What changes have you made to protect your time? What changes have you contemplated?


I think it's great, and even necessary as a writer, to re-evaluate how we're spending our time every several months. To assess where we're putting our extra energy and if it's beneficial to our writing, our families, etc.

I started blogging less earlier this year and I'm trying to stay on a better schedule about being on-line recently. Not only does it free up more time for writing but it frees up time for my family. That extra time with them renews me and in turn helps with my writing as well, so it's definitely a good thing.

Cindy, I agree. I usually re-evaluate my schedule on a yearly basis or with my daughter's school schedule from May to August. I'm also seeking more time with God.