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Friday, October 29, 2010

A List of Fruits & Vegetables in their Harvest Season

By Jennifer Hudson Taylor

I'm working on updating a manuscript set in the northwest wilderness of Independence, Missouri in 1845. The book begins in May, and as I was about to write my character eating an apple, it occurred to me that apples might not have been ripe for the picking at that time. My characters are traveling by covered wagon so it isn't as if they can go down into the cellar and pick out a jar of canned apples they might have preserved in the fall. Yes--apples are harvested in the fall!

For this reason, I thought I'd provide a brief outline for when various fruits and  vegetables are harvested and in what season. That way you and I can bookmark this page for future reference. Keep in mind it may vary a bit from region to region, as well as various types of a particular fruit as there are many kinds of apples. If you are being specific or need more details, you may need to do more research.  

Note, some argue that a tomato is not a vegetable, but a fruit. I don't really care. I'm listing it as a vegetable. I'm southern and in my opinion it isn't sweet enough to be a fruit. Also, a lengthy scientific explanation won't budge me on this.

Various Fruits

Apples  July-Oct

Blueberries  Aug-Sept

Cherries  June-July

Grapes  Aug-Oct

Melons  Aug-Sept

Peaches  July-Sept

Pears  Aug-Oct

Plums  Aug-Sept

Pumpkins  Sept-Oct

Rasberries  July-Oct

Strawberries  May/June

Various Vegetables

Beans  July-Sept

Broccoli  July-Nov 

Cabbage  July-Nov

Carrots  Aug-Nov

Cucumbers  July-Sept

Corn  July-Oct

Eggplant  July-Oct

Lettuce  June-Oct

Onions  July-Oct

Peppers  July-Oct

Potatoes  July-Oct

Radishes  May-Oct 

Spinach  May-June, Sept-Oct 

Squash  July-Oct

Tomatoes  July-Oct