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Friday, August 27, 2010

I've Consolidated my Website and Blog

I was tired of handcoding the html for my static website, which was losing visitors to my blog. I didn't want to invest in more software programs that would soon be outdated. Yet, I didn't want to lose my domain names or any links to those names, so I needed a plan...

Whatever I decided had to require less time and be a zero learning curve.

For me, the answer was to consolidate my website and blog. 

Now, if you go to, you will get the same thing as my blog at This is an easy, affordable solution and it only took a few seconds to accomplish. All I had to do was point my domain names to my blog. 

Google Calendar
Another great feature I've incorporated to make my life easier is the Google Calendar. I was already using this feature for my book signings, workshops, and blog tour events, and had the code embedded onto my website, but I took this resource tool a step further. 

I added a blog schedule with icons to my calendar. The icons represent the type of event listed. Stars are for blog post topics, the plane is for travel, the question mark is for the historical trivia game, the open book is for book signings, the gift box is for announcing winners. This calendar is now available on my blog as a monthly scrollable calendar, and I've also uploaded a list in the right-hand sidebar of the next five calendar days--it gives blog viewers a preview of what is coming up in the next few days without actually going to the monthly calendar.

The great thing about using the Google Calendar is the fact that it is accessible from anywhere at any time, from any computer--even my Droid phone. It requires no complicated software, and as soon as it's updated, my website/blog is updated without me ever logging into my blog.

Inspirational Devotions
And finally, I've added a page of Inspirational Devotions. I've categorized them under subheadings such as Writing Devotions, Faith, Forgiveness and Mercy, God's Mysteries, Promises, Spiritual Journey, and Thankfulness. 


this is great! But how did you accomplish it?

The reason I didn't give specific instructions is because it may be different depending on where you purchased and host your domain.

I went to the Control Panel where my website is hosted and I purchased my domain names. I went to the Domain Heading and clicked on Setup Domain Forward. It could also be Redirect Domain or something similar. I selected Enable Domain Forwarding. Typed in the Destination url, which was my blog url. I clicked Save changes and it was done in seconds!