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Monday, May 03, 2010

Rethinking the Static Website Thing

By Jennifer Hudson Taylor

With all the new features Blogger has incorporated into their blogs such as the new template designs that can be customized, the java and html that can be coded into one's blog, the static page options now, why would I keep a separate static website? I can still purchase my domain names and just host the info here on Blogger. It's no different than hosting them on Doteasy or some other server. The terms of service agreements are about the same. Blogger is so much easier to manage, I wouldn't have to hand-code html like I do now, and I wouldn't have to invest in a Dreamweaver software program. We have Dreamweaver where I work and I manage the website there. 

I've set up an RSS feed from my blog to my static website to keep fresh content on there, but to be honest, everyone still goes to my blog. I'm slowly transferring my forms to my blog. Why maintain two sites? It isn't making sense anymore. I don't want to host a private blog on my website. I like Blogger better.

Right now with the changes taking place in my life, I need fast, convenient, and simple. So don't be surprised if you go to my website one day and it looks just like my blog.

What about you? Have you consolidated yet whether it be on your own hosted site or a blog hosted site?


sshhewww... did you hear that fly-by? ha-ha!

I've been exploring the same thing. It confuses me with all these choices. I have a facebook page, twitter, a website, blogger, typepad, google reader, verizon website, google website, blog, linkedin, I am not sure which is the best route to take so I've been exploring all and all it does is confuse me and leaves me feeling overwhelmed. Needless to say, I just don't have enough time to maintain them all. So thanks for your advice. I am so new to this if you have more advice, please pass it along my way. Thank you

Oh yes, I have been thinking about changing my website situation. I am with Yahoo webhosting and it's getting expensive. My problem is I dont know much about this sort of thing. Do you know where I could go to get more info? I do sell my lullaby CD through my website but I also have a link on my blog to sell it. I also have a lot of information on myself on the website which I could put on a link to another page, right? Now you got me to thinking!!
thanks for the post

I really like the new blogger features.

Thanks for posting this....I don't have a website and was wondering if I should. When I did look at what was available, I found it very limiting compared to Blogger. I already purchased the domain name through's only $10 a year. So, I think you've convinced me to stick with what I have!

Cheryl, You are funny!

Melissa, You're right. Having choices is good, but sometimes having too many things to choose from can be overwhelming and confusing. The blog seems so much easier to maintain, but I'm afraid to make such a major change in the middle of my book launch. I'll probably wait until Aug/Sept.

Jan, With a blog, all you have to do is copy and past the text or code to your blog. It's so much easier.

Julie, I was so glad to see all these new features on Blogger! They've made some great improvements.

Deborah, If Blogger is only $10/year, then they are cheaper than Doteasy. I've been paying $25/year.