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Monday, May 24, 2010

Death of Traditional Publishing?

By Jennifer Hudson Taylor

On one of my writing loops someone posted a link to a 5-part series blog post on Death of Traditional Publishers? by Author Kris Tuella. After reading it, I thought it was very informative and brought out some perspectives I haven't before considered, so I've posted links at the bottom of this post.

I've always been a staunch advocate of traditional publishers and will continue to be. I love my editor and publisher, Abingdon Press. They've been supportive, helpful, and wonderful to work with. I can't say enough wonderful things about my editor, Barbara Scott. However, I'm also one who believes in computers, online platforms, and author marketing. That said, as an author, I'd be like an ostrich with my head buried in the sand, if I didn't take every advantage of what a traditional publisher can offer me and what I can do in promoting myself, my work, and building my online platform. With the ever-present changing world of publishing, I've got to try and survive--to do my part. It isn't my publisher's job to build my platform. If those days ever existed, they're over. It is my responsibility to build my platform.

One thing these articles drive home is the fact that author brands sell books not publisher brands. To borrow from a key point posted by Tualla, no one goes around saying, "I just bought a Random House book." Instead, you'll hear people saying, "I just bought a Karen Kingsbury book."

I've had several individuals on Facebook ask me if Highland Blessings will be available on Kindle or the Nook. I'm taking this shift in the publishing market and the growing interest in e-books seriously. I'm already one of "those authors" who sells my books on both my website and blog.

Yes, both Highland Blessings and Highland Sanctuary are available in print, on Kindle and Nook. 

I offer my books on my website because I can provide something that no other bookstore can, my own signature and additional goodies and promotional items that some find to be a nice touch. Since I haven't asked for permission to quote this individual, I haven't included a name, but here is a comment I received from a reader who recently bought my book:

"If the readers of this blog don’t win a copy of Highland Blessings, I suggest they order it from Jennifer’s website. I did and the book came with nice personal comments, autographed of course, book marks, a nice personal note on really beautiful Highland Blessings stationery, and a post card. My wife read the note and said, 'Do you know this woman?'"

People notice when you go the extra mile or take a few additional steps to do more than you HAVE to do. They not only, notice, but they remember and appreciate it. They may even promote it to others. 

Below are the promised links to Kris Tuella's blog articles. 

Death of Traditional Publishers?


I hope that traditional publishing isn't dead!! As much as I enjoy ordering books off Kindle and the ease of being able to have a book in under a minute, especially since our bookstore here is pretty limited, I do still enjoy seeing and feeling the real thing in my hands, especially when it is a book written by a friend! Are you going to be at the conference this year or do I need to order my book now?

I used the same title as the article series, but I'm not convinced traditional publishing is dead. I do believe, however, we're going to see more changes. Based on what I'm reading from my agent's emails, Chip MacGregor and some of the feedback from recent conferences, change is most definitely in the air. Some publishers will adapt better than others.

Yes, if all goes according to plan, I plan to be at conference this year. Can't wait to see you again! Two years is a long time.

Your post was quite interesting to me, as I just received my new Kindle this afternoon. My motivation was the tremendous catalog of classic books available for free. One thing is for sure; you cant autograph an e-book.

I wish you every success

An Arkies Musings

I think it's very smart you sell your book on your web site and add your own personal touches when people order copies of your books. In my opinion, it helps.

People sometimes wonder if promoting books on-line even makes a difference and I think it does. There are so many authors whose books I never would have heard about if they hadn't been promoted on-line or if I hadn't won a copy. I always remember those whose books I enjoy and who went the extra mile to be more personable. It definitely makes me want to buy and read more of their books in the future as well as pass their name along to others who read a lot.

Richies, I haven't gotten a Kindle, yet. My editor loves hers. It's tempting, but I've been holding out, waiting for an e-reader that reads across multiple platforms.

Cindy, Thank you for the feedback about online platform and the extra personal touch. You can't help, but wonder what makes the most impact. Now that my book is out, I'm starting to get more feedback. It's nice to hear what people think.