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Friday, March 19, 2010

Highland Blessings Blog Tour

By Jennifer Hudson Taylor

It seems like there is a blog on every possible topic imaginable. Some just spew out information like a newswire, others give delightful peaks into the lives and personalities of the blog author. What about you? What brings you back to your favorite blogs? Is it information or personality? Or are you blogged out, tired of blogging, and tired of visiting blogs?

I tend to hang around blogs on writing, book reviews, and publishing industry news. Once in a while, I stop in on a couple of historical blogs, especially if I'm browsing for historical research. 

Have you found any blogs that work more like a community? I'd be interested in your thoughts. 

In the meantime, below is an upcoming schedule of my blog tour for Highland Blessings. I'll be interviewed on each of these blogs on the date listed. I hope you'll be able to stop by a few of them. 

Blog Tours

April 2, 2010, Word Vessel Blog

April 20, 2010, Writing Roseanna Blog

May 1, 2010, Historical Novel Review

May 3, 2010, Book Reviews


I know the group I hang out with are a nice bunch and we take breaks but always come back. I blog when God moves me to write something!

I have several blogs that offer a great feeling of community: Whole Latte Life, Journaling Woman, Bookdreaming, Elana Johnson, A Writer's Write, Mystery Writing is Murder, to name a few. There are more. Congrats on the blog tour!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Wow! That looks like an amazing blog tour. I definitely tend to hang around writing blogs primarily (and author blogs almost exclusively). I like to hear about their writing, their publishing process, their lives... especially if I've reviewed their books.

Anyway, looking forward to Highland Blessings coming out. Looks like it's right up my alley. Congrats on the Blog Tour!

Thanks to Rebecca Lynn I was able to run across your blog, and I'm glad I did!

I love blogging, I think I'm still in the addicted stage, I've been on the blogging world for just over two months and can't get enough.

I enjoy publishing blogs but I would have to say my favorite blogs are the people who are just like me, working on their stories, or just getting published and learning about the struggles they encounter!

Not tired of blogging, but pressed for time when it comes to blogging. That inhibits as much visiting as I like. I've found blogging a way to learn a lot of things about a lot of topics.

I won't say I'm tired of visiting blogs, I just running out of time. I really like the community, there is a lot of good information, and some of the topics are very interesting. But it starts turning into a fulltime job.
Tossing It Out

I have to say I get blogged out once in a while. But then I see an exciting post on something interesting or a recent success story and Im back into it.

I love my baking community with Tuseday with Dorie and Sweet Melissa Sunday. It's hard for me to write everyday stuff..I do sometimes but mainly it's about what I've baked!
I love your blog!

Thanks for your input, everyone. It seems that time is the biggest concern for all of us.

Rebecca, I hope you enjoy Highland Blessings!

Jen, thanks for stopping by for the first time. I hope you'll visit again.

Fourchild, Thank you! It's nice to know that some of what I blog about is interesting and/or helpful to others.

I left you a "Best of This Week" award on my blog. This was such a great post. Thanks for these thoughts!