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Monday, February 15, 2010

Celebrating the Beautiful Years with My Husband!

By Jennifer Hudson Taylor

I had intended to post this on Friday, but as usual things happened and I didn't get around to it. So I'm posting it today. 

It's true that some people search a lifetime for the right spouse, but I was fortunate in that I had a strong faith (thanks to my mother), and as a young girl, I began praying for the qualities my husband would have. I didn't know it then, but I was sowing seeds for my long-term future, not my immediate future. God answered my prayer right away, I met Dwayne in a grocery store when I was 15, but we were too young, and God was still working on molding us into the people we would one day be for each other. After 20+ years of knowing each other, and 16 years of marriage--I'm so thankful that God brought Dwayne into my life. 

He keeps me from being a work-a-holic. He reminds me to laugh. He creates spontaneity in my life, and he loves me whole-heartedly. He thinks of the small things that slip my mind. He's a solid rock in a crisis. I know I can always depend on him. He's sensitive and thoughtful, but strong and supportive. He's a wonderful father to our daughter. My husband is a Godly man who helps me grow spiritually. 

No other couple could be more opposite. I love to read. He hates to read. He loves hockey. I tolerate hockey. I love history. It bores Dwayne. I squeeze the toothpaste in the middle. It drives him crazy. He likes to swim. I'd rather jog. He likes to cook. I'd rather mow the lawn. My idea of a vacation is a quiet secluded place with lots of historical places to visit. His idea of a vacation includes lots of entertainment with something to do--all the time. 

Yet, we do have our common interests where it matters most. Our faith. Our morals. Our values. Our beliefs. 'This is what gives us the foundation we so desperately needed to endure hardships--like when our daughter was born with life-threatening seizures and spent so much time in and out of hospitals, when our finances hit rock bottom, when deaths occurred in our extended family, and when dreams were shattered.

Our relationship works. Our marriage is wonderful. Not only do opposites attract, but such a relationship brings balance. Of all the things I enjoy doing, none of it would mean anything without Dwayne by my side. He makes everything more vibrant, because he completes the other half of me. My life has so much more meaning because he is sharing it with me. 

I love you, Dwayne!


Wonderful post!! I have also been blessed with my soulmate for 30 years now. We also had our ups and downs but we managed to get through them....he tells me I am spoiled and I love it!!!

What a beautiful post! Thanks for posting this.

What a sweet post! And what a blessing to meet so young.

CelticLady, My hubby says I'm just as spoiled as our daughter. I think he's right!

Rebecca and Deborah,

Thank you for stopping by, I'm glad you enjoyed our story.

God is the glue in a good relationship.

I might check out your book about the secluded faith based community in the Scottish Highlands -- sounds interesting. When I visited Ireland a few years ago, the people there kept telling me that my last name (McConnell) was of Scottish origin not Irish.

Jennifer, this is so beautiful! I am so happy for you that God led you to the perfect husband for you.