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Monday, November 16, 2009

"Writing the Christian Romance"

By Jennifer Hudson Taylor

If you ever struggle with writing about relationships and showing them progressing at an appropriate level, then I would suggest reading the book, Writing The Christian Romance by Gail Gaymer Martin. She builds insight into different kinds of personalities and how they respond to other personalities. I especially like the analogies and examples she uses in showing the gender differences in thought pattern, behavior, and responses.

When I'm writing the POV of a man, sometimes I'll have my husband read it and he'll tell me, " a guy wouldn't say that." And of course, then I want to know what he would say. My husband can give me ideas, but it usually comes in the form of a modern guy and I'm usually writing about 19th century England or medieval Scotland. Then I'm left to translate, which can be even harder, if I don't understand the character's train of thought.

Writing the Christian Romance helped me connect all these things together in my writing. When I started implementing some of these suggestions into my writing, I noticed a difference in my critique partners' responses to my work-in-progress. Some of the information in this book we already know, but it's presented in a way that helps us better utilize what we know.

The book covers the difference between sensuality and sexuality. Gail compares Christian romance to secular romance and gives you an idea of how much is too much and explains how different publishers have various thresholds. This is a huge topic of debate in the Christian romance publishing industry. She gives some great adivce on how to use sensuality to one's advantage without it crossing the line.

Some other great topics included in the book are: the power of emotions and senses, spirituality in romance, writing believable dialogue, introspection, plotting a Christian romance, and how to sell a Christian romance novel.

Writing a Christian Romance is a wonderful writing resource I wanted to share with you. It's available on Amazon and Writer's Digest.


Great resource. I don't write romance, but I do know the value of a good insider's guide to a genre. I have not seen one for the Christian Romance. This will be a big help, I know.

Happy Monday,

Was glad to see your comment on my blog the day after my break -- I love meeting new people. And how exciting about your forthcoming book! I have not written specifically for the Christian book market yet but do infuse my faith life into my work, and someday, I might give it a try. This looks like a good place to start -- thanks!

Jennifer, I've not seen this one. I'll have to check it out. Regardless of the sub genre of fiction we write, the premise of writing a good book is understanding people.

I do read a variety of romance. I do believe that some, while a very good story, go way overboard on on sex scenes. Now, having said that, I don't mind a well written love scene. But having a sex scene just for the sake of having it--no.

I like the premise of Highland Blessings. If you'd like me to review your book, let me know. And I'd love to have you as a guest Over Coffee next Spring.

Thanks for the tip. Looks like a great resource, and I'm taking your advice and getting a copy.

Thanks for the tip. Looks wonderful, I'm going to pick up a copy.

Even if you don't write romance, this is a great resource b/c most likely, you do write about relationships in your novels. It helps with seeing how people can view things differently and miscommunicate and build conflict.

Thanks everyone for stopping by.

Many institutions limit access to their online information. Making this information available will be an asset to all.

Many institutions limit access to their online information. Making this information available will be an asset to all.