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Friday, October 09, 2009

Victorian & Regency Art - Catherine Greenaway

By Jennifer Hudson Taylor

When writing a book set in the past, one's characters must know which artists, entertainers, songs and books are in vogue during their time period. Therefore, the author must know.

The image to the left is of Catherine Greenaway, a painter, writer and illustrator born in 1846, London. She died in 1901 of breast cancer. For those who love vintage art, you will love Kate's illustrations in children's books. Most of her work is of the Victorian period, but some of her illustrations include images set in the Regency time period before she, herself was born.

Much of her work is of boys too young to be
dressed in trousers, and instead, wore smock-frocks and skeleton suits, while the girls wore high-waisted pinafortes and dresses with mob caps and straw bonnets. During the 1880's and 1890's, there was a group of British mothers called "The Souls" who were considered liberal-minded and who embraced the arts and crafts movement. These ladies dressed their children in clothing that depicted Kate's Greenaway's art.

The great advantage of these historical images is that they are beyond their copyright period and are free to use in the public domain. Below are a few images of Kate's work. Hope you enjoy them. The first one is perfect for autumn.


The pictures remind me of a happy, delicate time. Where innocence was not lost on our children.

Great post!

Blessings to you...

Beautiful pictures! Thank you for introducing me to this wonderful artist.

Happy Friday,

Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing!!

Julie =)

Tamika, That's a great way of saying it. The images remind me of the same thing.

Jen, Your welcome. Maybe you can find some more images by her.

Thanks, Julie!

I plant to use some of these images to center my mind in the time period for writing.