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Monday, October 19, 2009

Fit to Write

By Jennifer Hudson Taylor

Sometimes we need to be in the right frame of mind before we sit down to write and work on our manuscripts. It's a matter of overcoming our attention span and forcing ourselves to focus on writing. We have to remove distractions such as the Internet, email, texting, TV, and conversations and noise around us.

Other times it's a matter of being fit to write. No amount of force is going to produce great, creative writing. Just like we need proper rest, good nutrition, and exercise to keep our body and heart healthy, we need the same things for proper creativity. Otherwise we are trying to operate out of a cloudy mind filled with sluggish thinking. We need to be alert, clear-minded, full of energy and ready to go.

If we aren't keeping ourselves healthy, and we are forcing ourselves to slosh through our work like a person walking through knee-deep mud, then our work will have problems. We'll inadvertently miss those loop holes in our stories, not phrase things as creatively as they could be, and our characters may lack the spark that would make them more interesting to readers.

Remember, take care of yourself. Get proper rest, eat a balanced diet, and go for some nature walks to get the blood vessels circulating blood flow and inducing innovative thoughts to boost your creativity.


Great advice! Happy writing!

I need to take up this advice, myself.

This is really wonderful advice. Sometimes I find myself pushing myself too hard to write something - anything - when really I need to step back and take a break first. Thanks for the encouraging post! :)

I hypervetilate in gyms-and that's before I hit the equipment-and coffee and wine gums have always done it for me!!!!