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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Author Interview - Tammy Barley

Please welcome Tammy Barley, author of Love's Rescue, to my blog. She and I share the same agent, Terry Burns, at Hartline Literary Agency. Tammy writes historical romance. I hope you enjoy the interview below and will read her book. I'm sure you will enjoy it.

Tammy has graciously agreed to give away one autographed copy of her book to one blessed individual who leaves a comment with an email address so we can contact you privately for your mailing address.

Describe your writing journey. How did you first get published?

Thank you so much for your kind invitation to visit your blog! I was one of those odd gals in high school who understood Shakespeare and his wacky humor. In college I absorbed every writing class offered—poetry, prose, fiction writing: the novel, nonverbal communication, journalism, and I even took acting to learn how to get into and develop character. I sold my first piece of writing, a play to Jesus Cares Ministries to help mentally disabled adults better understand God’s presence and love.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?
I love photography, ballroom dancing, watching nature, gardening, and being mom to the three greatest blessings of my life.

Of all the characters you’ve created, which is your favorite and why?
Surprisingly, Ambrose, older brother of Jess, the heroine in Love’s Rescue. I chose most of my male character descriptions, and partly their personalities, based on actual black-and-white Civil War photos of men who fought, some who died, in the Civil War. A photo of one soldier, Isaac I. Stevens, gripped me in a "somewhere in time" way that I just couldn’t get out of my head. Sadly, the man died at Chantilly on September 1, 1862. He was only in his mid twenties, and yet there’s directness and intensity in his face that tell me he was prepared to fight for what was right, no matter what it cost him. By his expression, he may have sensed it would cost his life. He’s someone I would like to have known, and he’s someone whose life and sacrifice can now be remembered 150 years after he died, since though a romance novel and an interview, his memory lives on. So I loved making this man into Ambrose. I loved thinking of Ambrose as my own brother. That made writing his scenes and his character real to me and enjoyable. Ambrose’s character has touched others as well; a number of readers asked if I will be writing his story. I may.

What are you currently writing?
The Sierra Chronicles, Book Two: Hope's Promise. Here’s a blurb: Jake and Jessica Bennett learn there was more to her parents’ deaths than they knew, and both the ranch and Jessica are in danger. Now they must quickly find the murderer . . . and discover for themselves how far they will go for love.

What are you currently reading?
Maggie Rose by Whitaker House author buddy Sharlene MacLaren. Shar weaves great historical realism into sweet, endearing stories.

Where do you get ideas for stories?
My lifelong curiosity about historical events, and journals and diaries written by those who lived in those times and places. Ideas have also been inspired by places I’ve visited, plays I’ve seen (in particular, the one-man play I saw years ago at Piper’s Opera House in Virginia City, Nevada, called Ghosts of the Opera House). I love going to well-preserved historic sites that look exactly as they did 150 or more years ago. When I’m there, time travel almost seems possible. I love to write historical fiction since that’s as close as I can get to actually being there.

In your opinion, what is a writer’s greatest struggle?
Doubt. Doubt is one of Satan’s favorites that he likes to pull from his nasty little bag of tear-you-downables. I’ve come to realize that the stronger a writer’s doubt and the more obstacles Satan hurls in the way of success, the closer a writer is to touching lives for God’s kingdom. Unless the wise, trusted advisers you consult tell you you’re on the wrong path, I truly believe that adversity is a great sign that you’re solidly on the right path.

You can learn more about Tammy at:

And the Winner is:

Edwina Cowgill

Congratulations! I know you're going to enjoy Tammy's book!


Great interview! I love how Tammy used pictures from the past to help create characters. Old pictures hold so much mystery. :)

The book sound wonderful and the cover is breathtaking! I'd love a chance to win.


Thanks for letting us get to know Tammy better and learn more about her books. I agree with her about doubt. It can stop us in our tracks.

Please put my name in for the drawing.

Nora :D

Finding Hope Through Fiction

Happy Wednesday, all!

I can't believe I forgot to mention the other contest! Read Love’s Rescue for a chance to WIN A ONE-WEEK WESTERN GUEST RANCH RESORT VACATION FOR TWO TO THE ROCKY MOUNTAINS OF COLORADO! For details and to enter, visit



BTW, your chances of winning are phenomenal--last I checked, only 30 people had entered, though the book has gone into its second printing and is still selling well!!!



This book sounds great! Please enter me!

Great interview ladies! And no need to put my name in the drawing, my books runneth over :-)

Hi Sherrinda, Nora, Edwina, and Bonnie!

Sherrinda, Nora, and Edwina, you gals are entered!

Nora, you're so right about doubt. God did not give us a spirit of fear; He told us to be bold as lions. Satan can take a long walk on a short pier; we're touching hearts for God!

I love Civil War historicals. Based on the fact that she used old pictures from the past, it should be great. Please enter me.
desertrose5173 at gmail dot com

I would love to win this book! I've wanted to read it ever since I first saw it.

For TB: If you would like to stop by my blog sometime for an interview, or giveaway, you are completely welcome anytime! Just send me an email. :)

Thank you for the interview and the giveaway. I would love to win a copy of the book.

Lovely interview, Jennifer & Tammy! I love reading how other writers started & about their writing process. I haven't read much historical romance but this sounds like something I'd love to read. Please enter me in the drawing, too!

And yes, what she says about doubt is so true! I've been trying to complete revisions ALL YEAR on a middle grade historical & I think doubt plays a big part in my not finishing and sending it out on query.

I loved this interview. I so enjoy hearing how writers develop their ideas, and actually was moved by the story of where Ambrose came from. Thank you for sharing.

I'd love to read this book.
lauramctx at yahoo.

Hi, Linda! Do you enjoy family history and pix from the past too? My folks have generations of old black-and-white photos on their walls; it's surreal to see someone as a child in a family, then to see their wedding photo beside it, then the next photo is them with their children, then the last photo is them shortly before they died. An entire life, captured in four prints. Life seems to go by so fast, yet each of us matters so very dearly. =)

It's great to see you here, Carman! You're just determined to win a copy. Such tenacity. You remind me of me. =)

Carly Kendall, you have SUCH a fun name! It sounds bouncy and outgoing. =)

Crystal, aside from determination, sometimes another set of eyes is all you need. Critique groups and professional editors are wonderful things. =)

Greetings, Laura! One character in the book was pulled from a photograph of a man who looks EXACTLY like Kevin Costner in Dances with Wolves. Apparently it's true that everyone has a twin!


Very cool. What a neat idea - to get "models" for your characters from photos from the period. I'm filing that away for if I ever get brave enough to try a historical!

Please toss my name into the hat for this one. I'm dying to read it!


What a wonderful interview and what a sweet person Tammy is. We have several things in common. I also like photography and I have a daughter that is developmentally disabled. Keep up the good work Tammy!
Deborah M.

Of course, Laura, the character Jake looks like Hugh Jackman. There's also something to be said for contemporary characters. =)

Hi, Stacey! Your hat is in!

Thank you for you kind comment, Deborah! I've heard it said that God only give special needs children to very special moms. What a blessing to meet you. =)

Okay, now I have to read it, because . . . Hugh Jackman . . . yummy! :-)

LOL! Laura, you got that right!

Love's Rescue is a fantastic book and is on my keeper's shelf. I loved every moment I spent with Jess and Jake and look forward to enjoying more of their story.

Please don't enter me in the drawing. I'd like someone else to have the opportunity to read this awesome story.

Keli, it's wonderful to see you! Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a kind comment!

Sending you a hug!



Wonderful interview! Would love to be entered in the drawing for this book. I have been hearing great things about it from people who have read it. Thanks for a chance to win a copy.


Thanks everyone for stopping by! I'm enjoying everyone's comments and learning more about you.

BTW, I have a special needs daughter too.

Cherie, you just made my day! What a lovely thing to hear! =)

Jennifer--another extra special mom! When I was in high school years ago, the pastor who taught Bible class said that he believed God has a special place in heaven for moms. By the way he said it, he sincerely believed it. When I meet extra special moms, I have to believe it too.

Thanks for the opportunity!


Happy Friday, Diane! You're welcome!



Great interview, enjoyed reading it. This book sounds great and I love the cover. Thanks for the chance to win it.

ejxd95 at gmail dot com

Thank you, Jennifer, for stopping by! You are entered!


The interview was wonderful and the book sounds delightful! Would love to read it! Is it too late to enter????


It's not too late, Molly! You're entered!