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Thursday, July 02, 2009

Sullivan's Island Lighthouse

By Jennifer Hudson Taylor

My husband had to drive me down a dead end street to get this shot of Sullivan's Lighthouse. As he circled around, I hung out the window to capture it. The second photo below was taken from the air when we took a plane ride over Charleston. Click on it for a closer view and see if you can find Sullivan's Lighthouse.

This was the last lighthouse built in South Carolina in 1962. It was meant to replace Morris Island Lighthouse, which they are in the process of trying to save. Instead of black and white, it was originally painted orange and white.

Sullivan's Lighthouse is anchored by steel girders and a concrete foundation. It stands 163 feet tall and built to weather hurricanes. It is the only lighthouse in America that contains an elevator. It contains offices and is air conditioned. A back-up generator is located at the base.

To my disappointment, the lighthouse isn't open to the public. Coast Guard personnel use the former keeper's house as office space. This house itself has been restored. Three low-intensity lamps are used in the lighthouse, which have a range of 26 miles and are on an automatic rotation system. On bulb blinks every 5 seconds, a second bulb every 20 seconds, and the last one every 30 seconds.

Before Sullivan's Lighthouse, the office records of the US Coast Guard Historian show that a small red square structure was built in 1848. It stood on four brick piers 300 yards southwest of Fort Moultrie. It was rebuilt in 1872. Another beacon was added in 1888 and served as a red reflector rear light. On May 20, 1899 the lights were renamed as the South Channel Range Lights. If you're interested in what these earlier structures looked like, there are some black and white photos in the resource I used to obtain this information from the book, Lighthouses of the Carolinas: A Short History and Guide by Terrance Zepke.


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I'm so glad to know there is someone else willing to hang out of a car window to get a good photograph! My teenage daughter is mortified whenever I do that, but you have to do whatever it takes to capture the picture.

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