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Friday, July 24, 2009

Regency Era Card Room

By Jennifer Hudson Taylor

The furniture examples in this post are from the Joseph Manigualt House built in 1803 in Charleston, SC. I didn't have the best camera with me so I suggest you visit this house for yourself if you get the chance. My hope is that these photos and descriptions will help you imagine the details of a Regency setting as it was back then.

The Card Room
Here family members gathered to read, do needlework, take tea, or play cards. The first photo is of a Regency Couch (c. 1800). The fabric is a rosewood solid with graining over beech, and oak crossbars.

The image above is of the card table (c. 1780-1800). This is a late Georgian piece made of mahogany and satinwood, inlaid with three oval medallions.

When writing a Regency, remember that they had antiques back then as well. You don't have to include furniture all made between 1800-1815. Most people in the Regency time period had furniture that was made in mid-to-late 1700's. Only new pieces would have been made during the Regency period, and then it probably would have been mixed with older furniture unless they could afford all new furniture for a particular room or the whole house.


LOVE this furniture! Especially the couch. I could totally do a room in that style . . . I mean, assuming someone else paid for it. =)

Thanks, Roseanna for stopping by. Me too. I've always wanted either a Victorian/Regency house or a stone house like a medieval castle.