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Friday, June 26, 2009

Abingdon Author Retreat

By Jennifer Hudson Taylor

As usual, my blogging got off schedule this summer. In May I went to Columbia, SC for some research on--Yes, another book! In June we went on vacation at Myrtle Beach, and the following week I flew to Pennsylvania for a fabulous author retreat with my editor and other Abingdon Press authors. For those of you who have been faithfully stopping by and commenting, thank you for being patient and not giving up on me.

1st Photo: Downstairs with authors Kay Strom, and Gail Sattler all bundled up by the window. The rain outside made it a little cooler.

2nd Photo: Upstairs in the Chuck Room, authors Christa Allan and Joyce Magnin in deep discussion.

The Abingdon Retreat

We were nestled in a log cabin in the mountains of Pennsylvania with no cell phone or Internet service. We were about an hour away from the airport so it was a real retreat in every way. I rented a car and drove to the cabin and this gave me time to reflect on the scenery, of course it rained the whole time we were there. However, the landscape did remind me of the NC mountains. I was surprised by this. I kept thinking of my Quaker ancestors who came through Pennsylvania to NC.

3rd Photo: Myself on the left and Kay Strom on the right in our rockers by the window. This was my favorite place the whole time I was there, rocking by the window upstairs, with a slight breeze blowing in so I could bundle under my blanket. I'm an avid rocker if a rocking chair was around. I almost rocked myself off the lovely carpet a few times. One of my fellow friends had to remind me to watch out for my laptop below me.

Those who were able to make it was Barbara Scott, our editor from Abingdon Press. She is so full of wisdom and is really seeking the heart of God for His will and purpose in Abingdon's new fiction line. I learned that I am so blessed to know you, Barbara. The authors were, Cynthia Rutchi, ACFW's President, and author of They Almost Always Come Home, Christa Allan, author of Walking on Broken Glass, Joyce Magnin, who officially organized our retreat and author of Agnes Sparrow, Kay Strom author of The Call of Zulina, Gail Sattler, author of The Narrow Path, and myself, Jennifer Hudson Taylor, author of Highland Blessings.

4th Photo: Our editor, Barbara Scott, Chuck is beside her, Gail Sattler is bundled up again, and Cynthia Rutchi looks like she is deep in thought. Joyce also blogged on our retreat at her blog on the Sisters of Chuck, you'll have to read her blog to discover more about Chuck.

We had some awesome devotions. We were prayer warriors, and we learned from a couple of workshops and through a critique session. The bonding we experienced will forever be a part of me. I'm a richer person in Christ for the fellowship we shared.

5th Photo: Our cabin on Sunday morning as we were about to split up and go our separate ways. I was kind of sad that it was over, but once I left this place, my 10-hour journey in three different airports began.

My first flight was delayed, which made me miss my connecting flight in Newark. Then they informed me that I could fly into a different city into NC. I knew if I could just get to my home state, someone would pick me up. My hubby ended up driving 1 1/2 hours to get me (one-way). Then my luggage didn't arrive with me. It was lost for the next two days. When they finally delivered it to my house, my suitcase was damaged. I still oved the retreat!!!

I can't wait until next year!


Thanks for posting Jennifer. This is so sweet. It's like none of us can let it go! And that's a good thing. It was such a pleasure to meet you. What a blessed time! On to next year! Keep Writing!

Hi Jennifer!
Your summer sounds wonderful so far! I long to go on a writing retreat, even if it was just by myself for a few days. The mountains sound nice, but a week by the beach would do wonders for my muse :) Enjoy your weekend!


I was hoping you would post about your time there. I'm from PA so I was wondering where you were there. Cute cottage! And how cool you got to meet so many writers.

Hi Jennifer -

Thanks for giving us a taste of your retreat experience. Small groups enable people to get to know each other.

I'm glad you were refreshed.

Susan :)

Still experiencing a wee bit of separation anxiety! I'm going to get my post up soon. So happy we all met, and I'm looking forward to our futures!

What I want to know is why Gail's the one all bundled up? She's from Vancouver. She should be used to that kind of weather.

Great post :-) I loved being able to go on our MT writer retreat last fall. Somehow, it really propels you forward.

Glad you got to go!

Oh angie gumbo writer could tell you about Newark flights!

Sounds like a wonderful time. . . .

Thanks for sharing the pix, Jennifer! Let's all pray for much better traveling weather next year. This year was an absolute mess!!!

This looks so absolutely peaceful! Longing to go also!

that sounds very neat. i bet it is a real encouragement to be with other authors.