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Friday, May 22, 2009

Historical Carriages

By Jennifer Hudson Taylor

This funeral carriage is a double brougham and was used by McAlister Funeral Home in Charleston, SC around 1884. Pulled by one or two horses, it carried the grieving family directly behind the hearse during the funeral procession. It is now located in the Charleston Historical Museum.

The red carriage is located in the stables at Shirley Plantation. It looks like a phaeton carriage with a cushioned two-seat. With so many carriage varieties, I'd be hard-pressed to even attempted to date this carriage. However, carriages such as this one, were very common throughout the 1800's.

For a list of the types of carriages used in the 19th Century, visit the following sites:


Great links, Jennifer. Thanks for sharing.

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I want to go live in a plantation someday as if I lived back in the 1800's. I love that kind of thing.