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Friday, April 17, 2009

Flying Over Charleston for Writing Research

By Jennifer Hudson Taylor

While we were in Charleston, SC last month, we flew over the city to get an arial view of one of the settings of my most recent book, Beloved Liberty. It was a beautiful mixture of history and present-day culture from a broad view that many don't get a chance to experience.

The photo to the above is of the Cooper River Bridge. It opened in 2005, replacing Pearman Bridge.

This is the Ashley River. It was magnificent to see how it lays across the land.

This is Historic Charleston and Battery St. is lined along the harbor. Some of these homes are a couple of centuries old. It's hard to believe they've survived hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, and weathered the test of time.

As I'm writing my story, I can just imagine what it was like back in 1810. Chalmer St. still has the cobblestone road and some of the street lamps look just like the gas lamps they had back in the Victorian period. And with all the carriage tours around the city, old church bells ringing, one can easily imagine living and existing in those by-gone days.


A year ago, we lived there for 6 weeks and I have pictures of that bridge too. I love that city and all the history!

Great pictures Jennifer! I especially like the one of the bridge. Thanks for dropping by my blog today and for the kind words! ; )

Wow I love those photos!

Thanks for stopping by my over a week ago. I went AWOL from the internet for a bit.

Going to poke around your blog some more..:D

Beautiful pics! Will have to visit there!

I'd love to visit the East coast sometime and soak up all that history. I've never been east of the Mississippi and am hoping for an opportunity to travel that way sometime. Maybe before long...