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Friday, April 10, 2009

The Argyll Colony of NC

By Jennifer Hudson Taylor

Gabriel Johnston, was a lowland Scot who served as North Carolina's governor from 1734-1752. He wrote enthusiastic letters to friends and family back in Scotland encouraging them to migrate to the Cape Fear region of North Carolina. He offered them free land grants of two crops each year, and possible exemption from taxation for a time. 

Most likely they landed at the port of Brunswick and then traveled up the Cape Fear Valley about 90 miles to what is now Fayetteville. They established a number of Presbyterian churches in the area, many of which are on the present-day property of Fort Bragg. 

Gaelic was universally spoken throughout the area from about 1739 until around the 1860's during the Civil War. As with many Latino families today, most of these families were bilingual and spoke Gaelic at home and at church. Fayetteville had a Gaelic printing press in the early 19th century and some of their publications are preserved in the Presybeterian Historical Foundation in Montreat, NC. 

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Carolina Scots by Douglas E. Kelly and Caroline Switzer Kelly


Interesting! One branch of my family goes back to the Campbells of Argyll, so I probably have (very) distant relatives there.

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Gary, Thanks I appreciate your stopping by. My husband's ancestry has a Campbell line. I haven't been able to trace that particular line, but I do wonder if they came from the Argyll colony b/c they were from this area of NC.

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