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Monday, March 02, 2009

Sir Thomas - Our Scottish Snowman

By Jennifer Hudson Taylor

I'm taking a break from my usual Monday posts on writing to blog about the great snow we finally received in Charlotte, NC. The last time we got enough snow to make a snowman was several years ago in Winston-Salem, NC. Today my daughter decided she wanted to make a Scottish snowman.

So please welcome Sir Thomas!

I don't know where this name came from, but Celina decided she wanted to call him Sir Thomas. I doubt she realizes it, but my grandfather was Lee Thomas Hudson, my uncle was Thomas Herseley Hudson, and my brother is Keith Thomas Hudson, so I suppose the name fits in our family.

Celina is standing in the photo above with Sir Thomas and her golden retriever, Kada. This dog absolutely loves the snow. She danced and pranced around chasing snowflakes last night until we literally forced her back inside. Today when we were trying to make Sir Thomas, she thought the snowman's stick arms were hers to play with, chew up, and break. She demolished the first ball of snow we'd made for the snowman's body. She took a running start and jumped on the ball of snow like one would a pile of leaves.

And before we went inside to thaw out and have some hot chocolate, Dwayne and Celina made snow angels. This is a perfect day off work and out of school! That's the one thing I love about living in the south. When it snows we get a break from the daily grind of work and school. And of course, it gives me the extra time I need to work on my novel. I have a social dinner scene to finish in 1810 Charleston, SC.


Looks like a great time and a wonderful snowman! :o)

Hi Jennifer -

There are lots of snowflakes around here too. This was our biggest storm of the season.

Unfortunately, my workplace did not close for the day. They eased the pain by ordering pizza for everyone.

Susan :)

I love the personality that comes with the snowman! Looks like lots of fun!!!

Love the pics. It doesn't snow where I live and although I'd not like driving to work in it, vacationing and playing it would be great.

Found your blog on the romancewritersuncensored loop.

Hi, Jennifer! We got snow too instead of the usual ice and sleet. What made it even better was that we got more on the south side of Atlanta than they did on the north. :-) The kids had never watched so much fall so had a blast. Glad y'all enjoyed it too!