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Friday, February 20, 2009

The Carolina Tartan

By Jennifer Hudson Taylor

Even though I was born and bred in the Carolinas, it was only recently that I discovered that the Carolinas had their very own tartan. No other two American states share the same tartan except North and South Carolina.

Peter MacDonald designed the Carolina Tartan in 1981, but it was his father, Micheil MacDonald who came up with the idea. The design was taken from a pre-1800 sample from the Prince Edward Charles Stuart tartan. Since King Charles II of England was the last king of Scotland to be crowned at Scone, January 1, 1651, and it was said that he wore a jacket of ribbons suspected to have been the Royal Stewart Tartan. King Charles II opened the Carolinas through a land grant in 1663.

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Hi Jennifer! That is very interesting. I never knew it and I think my couches represent our state well. hee hee

Have a great day!

I can't believe I didn't know this either. The things we discover as we live are so intriguing.

This is news to me too, Jennifer! Thanks for sharing this interesting bit of information.