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Monday, October 06, 2008

Writing in the Regency Era - Online Resources

By Jennifer Hudson Taylor

I confess, I’ve written a Regency historical novel. And upon my word, I am quite determined to master this era!

What is the Regency Era?
The specific Regency period is considered to be a short time frame between 1811 – 1820, in the United Kingdom when King George III was deemed unfit to rule and his son was instated to be his proxy as Prince Regent. However, many consider the era to be much larger between 1795 – 1837, especially if one considers the Regency Era a transitional period between the Georgian and Victorian eras.

The Rules
There are many strict societal rules that one’s character must know, maintain and behave accordingly. If one’s character behaves inappropriately for the era, that character must have a well-established motivation. The Regency fashion, dialogue, and customs govern the structure of a Regency novel. Therefore, much research and knowledge must go into writing one.

Online Regency Resources
I wanted to share a few online resources that I have found very helpful in writing my Regency. I’ve included the title of the website or webpage, the link, and a brief description.

Please note: I cannot vouch for the accuracy of every detail on these websites. Please make sure you find at least three resources to back up a reference and use your own judgment.

An Olde Fashioned Christmas Eve - - Christmas images that have been scanned from documents printed over beyond the copyright date. Some are Victorian and others are older close to the Regency era.

Christian Regency - - Several links to Regency information on various topics. 

Jane Austen Today - A blog that explores Regency period author, Jane Austen, as we see her today in movies, prints, sequels, websites and other modern media.

Jane Austen’s World - A blog that strives to bring to life Jane Austen’s novels and the Regency Period through food, dress, social customs, and other 19th century historical details.

The Beau Monde - A writing group for writers who write Regencies. One must be a member of Romance Writers of America, since this is an RWA chapter.

Susanna Carlton, Regency Author - A great resource that describes what the Regency era is, the difference between Regency romances and Regency-set historical romances, and other basic info.

Eras of Elegance - A list of movies that are available with settings in the Regency era.

Fashions in Time - Lady’s costume fashions in the Regency era.

Good Ton - - A resource for readers of a Regency romance novel.

Hampshire Regency Dancers - - A group who practices Regency dancing in period costumes and provides such dances for movies and even in the home where Jane Austen's brother lived.

Nancy Mayer, Regency Researcher - - Links and resources from a Regency author who has been researching the period for a number of years.

Old Book Art - - Historical images that are now out of copyright and in the public domain.

Prints Old & Rare - Fox Hunting - - Historical prints and images of fox hunting scenes.

The Regency Collection - Links recommended books.

Regency England (1790-1830) - Includes info on weddings, fashion, shopping, and Regency romance novels.

The Regency Fashion Page - Includes photos and images of fashion plates.

The Regency Page - This is an excellent resource for all things Regency.

Regency Reader's Site Page - - Resource links.

Regency References - More information on the English Regency and more dancing.

Regency Reproductions - Costume reproductions for men, women and children in the extended Regency period (1795 – 1837).

Regency Yuletide - - The Definitive Guide to Christmas in Regency England with quotes, recipes, and games to reveal what Christmas was like during the time of Jane Austen. Remember the "holy" in holiday, and let poets and songwriters from the past enliven your experience today. 

Vanessa Riley's Christian Regency - - An online writing resource of all things Regency related. A great site you'll want to check out. 


Hi Jennifer! Thanks for sharing all these links--I love to browse through Regency sites.

Here's another great one, by author Candice Hern, that I learned about at the RWA National Conf. this year:

I had the pleasure of attending a workshop she gave. She really knows her Regency stuff! :)

Thanks again,

Wow, Jennifer. You have been doing a lot of research online. Those are great links. I have to take some time and peruse them all.

Thanks so much for including a link to my website among your online Regency resources. I very much appreciate it!



Thanks for stopping by and mentioning Candace Hern. I've read some of her Regencies and they are great. I appreciate the link.


When I returned from Minneapolis, I didn't realize my Regency needed so much work until I started digging into it again. It's been a while since I've worked on it. But I'm enjoying it and research is one of my favorite things about writing historicals. Hope you find some useful info as well.


You are absoluted welcome. Once I found it, I knew I had to include it. Thanks for sharing it with the rest of us.