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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Book Review - "On Sparrow Hill" by Maureen Lang

By Jennifer Hudson Taylor

My Review
I love the unique and complex subject matter that Mareen Lang has chosen to write about in her book On Sparrow Hill. She and I have something in common--a special needs child. While my daughter's issues are different, I understand the challenges her characters face, as well as their loved ones.

Lang has combined a contemporary story with the discovery of a beautiful historical woven into one book. As a reader who loves to read and write historicals and does genealogy research, I thought this book was wonderful.

Rebecca Seabrooke and Quentin Hollinworth research his family history on his English estate and discover a historical school that his ancestor Berrie Hamilton started in the mid-1800's. This isn't just any school. It's a school for children that has special needs and certain disabilities. This shows a wonderful contrast between how people viewed these issues back then and how they view them today. Lang managed to layer in a realistic romance between Rebecca Quentin in the present day, and a historical romance between Berrie and the overprotective brother of one of her students.

On Sparrow Hill portrays a 3-dimensional plotline that interweaves two different centuries with human issues that cross all time barriers and show a growing faith and love that conquers all things.

Backcover Description
As the curator for Quentin Hollinworth's family estate, Rebecca Seabrooke is focused on just two things: making hers the most successful historic home in the country and forgetting the childhood crush she's had on Quentin since her father worked as his family's valet. After all, they don't exactly run in the same social circles.

But when she and Quentin uncover letters in the family vault written over 150 years ago by Berrie Hamilton--one of Quentin's ancestors--Rebecca discovers that Quentin isn't the only one with a legacy to appreciate. Only Berrie's words can prepare Rebecca for the dramatic turn her life is about to take.


I interviewed Maureen earlier this year for Stepping Stones Magazine for Writers. She's a great lady, and I pray her novel sells like crazy.